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  1. A lot of eBay stores will set the price to something outrageous like that when they are out of stock. That way they don't lose their listing and they readjust it when it's back in stock.
  2. AWD J3wman

    Elder Scrolls VI: Pleiades 1986 Subaru GL-10 Turbo

    Exhaust and Coilovers are now on. Got some help with questions from Numbchux as well regarding the best setup. Currently these are KYB GR-2s with some Shengxiong Manufacturing Corp. Miata coilovers just for fitment. I'll be investing in a set of Ground Controls and Koni shocks in spring once I get everything measured up to my liking.
  3. AWD J3wman

    Elder Scrolls VI: Pleiades 1986 Subaru GL-10 Turbo

    Got it to my work so I can work on it this weekend. custom downpipe, exhaust and fresh fuel pump are going in and while I'm at it, I'll see what I can do to lower the back some more. I might hack off a coil or 2 up front as well. Got the downpipe bends completed! Just have to add bungs and flanges. Next step is a 3" exhaust! While I'm waiting for my downpipe to be finished by my friend at work, I've begun pulling out the carpet so I can properly clean it. Also had my friend Jared Levine clean up my back seat which had a brutal stain on it, looks damn near new, if you're in the Minneapolis area definitely hit him up for detailing services. He saved me a grip of cash by cleaning it up.
  4. I totally forgot about that!! Perfect!
  5. That might be my best bet...
  6. So the interior of my GL that I'm restoring smells like a old wet gym sock, IT'S GREAT! But all great things must end and I would like to find a fresh carpet. Thing is, my usually go to places either come up with universal carpet kits or nothing at all and worse yet, tell me my car doesn't exist. So I know someone at some point here must of sourced one before. Has anyone been able to find a pre-molded carpet for a EA82 wagon before? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  7. AWD J3wman

    Elder Scrolls VI: Pleiades 1986 Subaru GL-10 Turbo

    God I love that car, I wish I could find some preface lift corner lights that arent spiderwebbed.
  8. AWD J3wman

    Elder Scrolls VI: Pleiades 1986 Subaru GL-10 Turbo

    Started it up for the first time in a while, currently no DP and no O2 sensor, plus still a lot of oil in the intake system so hopefully that explains the plume of smoke. 1 step at a time though.
  9. I got some longer bolts and a 1" spacer from menards, then I used them to raise the hood. It actually worked really well, I get around 5-10 degrees cooler at running temp and on boost its closer to 10-15 degrees. Also, I removed the spare tire and that helped a lot. I plan get some DEI gold heat wrap for the turbo heat shield.
  10. I'm having the same issue, I assumed it was bad compression but I should check my timing as well. How are your head gaskets? any leaks?
  11. Honestly what I did was, catless DP from my turbo, 3" exhaust to a Porter muffler and a pipe past my diff out to the stock exhaust location. and I did an electric fan conversion so I didn't have to hear that gnarly mechanical fan, and it freed up some HP.
  12. AWD J3wman

    Miata Rear Shocks.

    lololololol performance EA82. But actually I am going to use an EA82 for a chump car so stock Miata rear struts and XT fronts are going to be awesome in it.
  13. A set of Z31 fuel injectors would help a lot. I would take them to Fuel Injector Clinic so they can flow test them and rebuild if needed.
  14. or you can just completely pull the compressor out and sell it to me if it still works?
  15. AWD J3wman

    EA82 front struts

    I've got a set of XT front struts on OEM coils and rear miata Bilstein struts with ground control coilovers. Even with Monroe struts with generic coilover sleeves it handled so much better.