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I'm going to be getting a Thule cargo carrier in the next few days (Evolution 1600) so that I can throw the camping equipment up top. The Thule dealer doesn't have the clamps that are designed for the Subaru in stock, told me that the quick bars (which cost $15 more) work just as good and are more versatile.


Is he just lazy, or are the bars just as good? It's hard to tell from the pics on the Thule Web site, but it looks like the Subaru-specific clamps provide a lower profile. :confused:


I don't care about the $15, I just figure that the ones designed for the Subaru would function better. :-\

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What's the car?

My Evolution 1800 fits my thule bars and factory rack, they're just large u-bolt type things that you shove around the rack, and then from the inside you pop the things down.. and you're good to go, i'll get some pictures tomorrow for you. i Think the max width of the mounting bar is around 2.5-3" but i'll have to check on that. The mounting points are also wicked easy to move, just pop the lever up, and slide it to whereever on the track.

I think your best bet would be to get the thing, throw it on the car, and try to mount it, if you NEED the other parts then get em.. but why buy more stuff then it should work without em?

I really don't know what 'quick bars' are... so.. eh.

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