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Engine Overhaul Progression

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Things are moving along nicely. I've fabbed and painted some blanks to cover the air pump and egr piping. I also 'test-torqued' the heads to see if the head bolts could hold the torque and not strip out. They all held up just fine, no problems. That was my biggest worry of the whole process.


I have the head gasket material cleaned off the passenger side. I'll do the drivers' side today, and clean any major carbon off the pistons. I'll clean everything out really well, and maybe even get the heads back on for good.


Thanks for everybody's help and suggestions so far. I'm taking pictures as I go along, so I'll have to set up an album once I'm all done.

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Well, the heads are back on. It's taking more time than I had hoped, but I keep getting visitors and other distractions that slow me down.


I'm going to have to replace the water pump. I noticed that the one that was on there is leaking out of the weep hole. I have a spare pump in the basement, I'll toss it on instead. It wasn't much of a leak, but since I have everything apart, I might as well swap it out.


I won't be doing anything tomorrow, as I have previous plans in town, but on Thursday night I'll be doing crank/cam seals and cleaning off the cam cases. I'll probably put the oil pump and water pump on as well.

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