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Issues swapping EA82 into an EA82T?

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looking at picking up an 87.5 XT Turbo. i'd like to put an NA EA82 in it's place. that's right, the opposite of what most people want to do.


manual trans fulltime 4WD.


*** EDIT *** looks like the ECU and wiring harness will work, no swap needed on that.


can i reuse anything when i rebuild it?

can i keep the turbo block, heads, intake manifold, injectors?

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Should be easy, assuming that you are staying MPFI. That requires using MPFI heads (either turbo or non). The pistons are the only engine part that are significantly different; the turbo's non-distributor side head as extra external fittings, and the case has an extra, central PCV fitting.


Need a y-pipe for the exhaust system to replace crossover(uppipe) and downpipe. And new intake boot to run between MAF and throttle body.


If you are using an SPFI, then things are a little more complicated.


*edit - I was incorrect about PCV: MPFI (turbo or non) seem to have the PCV fitting. end edit *

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so i can use the turbo heads on an NA block. but i'll need to plug the extra fittings?


what about the injectors, don't they differ between NA and turbo or will the turbo injectors work fine?


plans now:

rebuild the turbo motor with NA pistons.

need NA pistons, exhaust and intake.

i can make the exhaust and intake and i already have pistons.



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Every post that I have read says that the ECU is the same unit between turbo and non-turbo MPFI. IF that is true (I think that I could verify if needed), then the injectors are essentially the same (unless there are fitment variations; again, I could check).


The turbo heads could be used, but you would need to plug the turbo oil-feed line, the oil drainback tube, and the turbo-coolant feed line. The turbo cams also seem to be "milder" with less overlap (and I would assume less duration).


The intake should be the same, except for the piece between MAF and TB. Regarding the pistons, unless you are getting a rebalance, I would probably take the whole crank/rod/piston assembly from the donor, as those should have been balanced as an assembly.

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