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i just got a 1992 legacy wagon in imaculant condition 1500$ bucks the only problem is that the heator core is bad and i was trying to figur out how hard and wat is involved in changing it so any info on the heater core replacement would be much appreaceated thanks

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I just done mine last weeken in a 97 Legacy wagon. Get you a Haynes manuel and read about heater core replacement. You can also do a search here on the search section, someone posted the steps involved in their job. It was suppose to take six hours on mine but I ended up taking about a day and a half. I think I could do it now in six hours. I removed the inst. panel and radio and neither needed to be removed on mine. You may have to remove yours being it is a 92. I took the console out, the seats out, the glove box out. then removed panel under dash, pop out the defroster grill, their was two bolts under it holding dash. There is around ten or twelve bolts holding dash but the Haynes manuel shows you where they are. If you dont have airbags it will be much easy then mine was, they are a pain, the control box for them were mounted to the bottom of dash and they had to be removed, but they had the little star screws with a blocker in hole where the driver would not go in. I had to slowly screw them out with channel locks. The elc. connectors were colored coded on mine so that was not a problem. The Subaru dealership wanted 448.00 dollars to change mine.

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