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  1. Make sure the shoes are seated good in the right place, compare to the side that is quiet.
  2. I dont have any uneven wear on the tires, they all seem to be wearing even on both sides, and it is not pulling to either side. I think the somewhat low gas mileage is related to the slight miss that's coming from something, as stated in my other thread there is no miss when getting down on the gas, it misses at a steady speed or very slow acceleration.
  3. The plugs were N.G.K, and the wires were from dealer, no I have not replaced the P.C.V. I did take it out and it still rattles, I will get a new one when I get more parts. Air pressure is good and so is alignment.
  4. Thanks for the advice of plug wires and plugs, however I have already tried this, I have another post here about the miss along with what I have already tried. If you have time to check the other post I would be thanksful for any more advice you might have. I have tried just about everything I can think of.
  5. The clunking sound could be the big bushing on the back of the control arm, you can see this if you look under the car near the front of the front doors. It will be bolted to bottom of car with two large bolts. If the grease is running out of it then it is time to replace. If you stop on highway and make a u-turn it will clunk loud about half way through turn. I dont recall any grinding noise with this problem just the clunk.
  6. It was used on a postal Rt. until I retired in 2010. It has mostly just been sitting until I parked my truck and started driving it again to try and save some money on gas. On the stop an go driving of the Rt. I was getting about 23 M.P.G. now it is getting about the same mileage on the Highway and city as it was on the Rt. I was hoping it would be better. It does have a slight miss in engine right now so that may well be the problem.
  7. I dont think you have a problem, this sounds normal to me. You might buy a new radiator cap and see if that will improve the pressure.
  8. I have a 97 Subaru 2.2 with a rebuilt engine with around 100,000 miles on it. It seems the gas mileage has gotten worse so I checked it and it is getting around 23 avg. city and highway. Does anyone here know what their 2.2 engine are getting on avg.
  9. 1997 Subaru legacy wagon 2.2 engine. I have a miss at steady speeds, if I get down heavy on the gas it runs fine until the speed levels off to a constant speed. I have changed the coil pact but no help, also it is not giving any codes, and the plug wires and plugs have less the 5000 miles on them. Any ideals?
  10. !997 Subaru Legacy wagon 2.2. What size are the rubber transmission cooler lines? Seems I remember someone saying they need to be fuel inj. type rubber to keep from deteriating, is this correct?
  11. Did you check the u-joint that connects the steering wheel to the rack.
  12. I had a long time clunk that turned out to be (not tie rods) but the steering rack itself. You could grab the cylinder coming out of rack and wiggle it by hand. Also you said you checked the control arm did you take a look at the big bushing on the rear of it. It bolts under the car near the front of door if you see grease leaking out of it, then it will clunk also but most noticable on turns.
  13. I agree with Dave, it takes alot of force to press that outer race out. I also have the twenty ton press from Harbor Freight, It works great for bearing and other work where a press is needed. I have never used the hub tamer, so I wont knock it. But I do like the press.
  14. I bought my engine from CCR, about four years ago, it is a great engine, done the first timing belt change on it yesterday. I found their work to be great and customer service was also great.