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Hi Folks,


I've owned an 86 GL, and an 03 Forester XS. The Forester bit it when my wife ran it into a school bus on ice when the bus didn't feel the need to stop. She's OK, but now I'm shopping again.


For reasons that suck, I need to keep it under $10,000. In my area (near Spokane, WA) Subies are hot as lava so its not easy. I'd like some opinions on a car I'm looking at:


1999 Legacy GT 2.5 Limited (leather and all that)

141,000 miles




Sounds like it's been taken care of. Only known body glitch is a 2" 'tear' on the rear bumper from a backin to a hitch ball. Timing belts changed out at 90,000 (I think that's what he said), new windshield, and other minor glitches fixed, like headlight crack, etc.


I like the looks of the car, would prefer a manual, but as I said, pickin's slim. Any pointers? I'm mostly concerned with the mileage - 141 seems high, but I'm not sure if it IS high for a car like this. What could I expect to deal with at this mileage? How long are these cars intended to run?


Any pointers would be much appreciated.


Thank you,


Russell Mann

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i dont know about price vs milage, but they tend to run forever. You are in the years of 10-15% head gasket failure rate (i thnk). if the price compares with other subarus in your area, go for it, take 1500, put it in the bank as an insurance policy against headgasket failure, and your good to go.


i have a 97 obw with 182, 000 on it well mainatined i paid 3800 for it (stole it off ebay) all original well maintaned single owner runs like a top.



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Hey Russ...


I just bought a '99 Forester, manual, S-type, 171k Montana highway miles, and the dealer originally was going to ask $6995. I paid considerably less than that, but I've purchased from this dealer before, and I think I worked out a pretty good deal.


We also own a 2004 Legacy (my wife drives that one) ...


I'll join nipper in his advice ... buy it, love it, drive it, repair it when it needs it.





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Look closely at the coolant overflow. Is the coolant or the tank itself discolored? Gunky? Is it overfull? Is there a new radiator or radiator cap? Water pump? Ask if he's had any overheating and if the head gaskets have been done. IIRC, this car would have the 2.5 DOHC, and would be a candidate for a head gasket job. It wouldn't keep me form buying the car, but it would be something to plan for.




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