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Hey guys, I have a 1993 Legacy Wagon 2.2L Non-Turbo Obviously, FWD. I am looking to do some sort of engine modifications to it, since most all I have done now has been adding accessories. I figured one of the easiest mods I could do would be to install a new Air Intake. Anyone have any ideas? I have seen a bunch out there on ebay, but they all say they are for the Impreza's, and not the legacies. Does anyone know if these parts are interchangable?


Also, any mods that people have done and liked (that are relatively easy!) let me know!

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Stick with the standard air box, but drop in a K&N element. Cone filters stuck on the end of the pipe shake the MAF around too much, or so I have heard.


Then remove the intake silencer from the fender, and cut the tube so that it runs from the air box, into the fender and just makes the downward turn. This will keep it from sucking in large water drops, and silences the intake storm a little.


Find a suitable "velocity stack" or "carburator trumpet" to stick on the end of the pipe. The flow will be much less turbulent and this improves throttle response a great deal!


Something like this:





I strongly recommend that you try this first, before you buy an expensive cone filter that will boom and drone and wear your ears out!


I have spent a while on this setup, and the noise is just right. Lots of race car smooth roar at full throttle, and very little boom at cruise. Throttle response is also very eager :D

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