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Spare Tire Upgrade


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Spare Tire Upgrading


Compact or Temporary Sized Spare tires are annoying. They drive weird, look weird, are heavy, cant exceed 55mph, and make the car drive funny.


Solution: Replace it with a full sized tire.


These can be had quite cheap. Just go the the junkyard, and find a steel wheel off virtually any 4 lug Subaru. Preferably one that is similar to the other 4 on your car. A wagon wheel works good with the hold down clamp. The alloy wheels don't work wit the clamp but a full size tire wont have any room to move anyways. Try to find a wheel that has a good tire with good rubber and the same tire series like 185 70 R 13 for instance, as an added bonus.


The only problem is what to do with the temporary tire. Id say give it to the junkyard, and maybe get some money off your new wheel? I just stuck mine in my wagon that I never drive anymore.

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