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4EAT switchable locking center diff Mod.

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This writeup is from one of our members Andyjo. This writeup was done while he was working on his Impreza Outback. I believe you can do this mod to any 4EAT transmission (4 speed electronic automatic) but there could be some minor differences...that being said...Enjoy!




So here goes, the first task was to find the damn wire. I did it on my Impreza (obs), the two connections spoken of are located below the airbox, and a pain to get to. There are two connectors down there, the one we're looking for was the one in the front/drivers side (it's sort of at an angle), i used a screw driver to pop the connector off the frame and have better access to it. Then i figured out the orientation and tested pin 4 and 11, and bingo! 13ohms! pin 4 is GROUND, 11 is the solenoid. I figured out which wire was which i ran up to radio shack, and grabbed a switch, came back and dropped the wire bundle down under the car (car on ramps), there's alot more room to work down there than there is in the engine compartment. My soleniod wire (pin 11) was brown, i chopped it, and spliced 2 wires to those segments and ran that up into the car where i wired the switch up. I got a the wrong switch, but it still worked, i got a STDP (single throw, double pole), center off (oops). I wired that sucker up and gave it a go. If you start the car in 4wd mode the 'AT OIL TEMP' light will flash at you alot, so don't do that.

And here are the pics!

Passenger side looking at wires



Drivers side, the wires



The Pins



Ohmage of pins 4 and 11



Splice into those wires



Cover up those exposed wires



mount that switch right up somewhere...


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Something to look out for: MAKE SURE YOU TEST PIN 4 AND 11, in the proper orientation. the row with 1 pin should be on the bottom, so you're going to be looking at the connector like this;

4 3 2 1

8 7 6 5

12 11 10 9

13 - - -


the dashs repersent NO PINS (there isnt' a pin there), you can only sort of see that in the image. Also, inturupt pin 11, not pin 4, because pin 4 is your ground.

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