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Subaru Baja Lift Kit Group Buy

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We have started a group buy for Baja Subaru lift kits at NASIOC. In order to join you can post in the thread.




Here are the details:


Yes, it is finally that time.


Allied Armament http://alliedarmament.homestead.com/SubParts.html or www.alliedarmament.com is finally going to make a lift kit for the Subaru Baja. Finally everyone can use their vehicle for what it should have originally been built for. This lift kit will be able to accomodate both the turbo and non turbo vehicles and will be applicable to all baja models. The lift will be a combination of body and suspension lift, via blocks and will raise your vehicle to a total height of 4" for which you should be able to run 29" super swampers. The lift is going to be built specifically for this group buy, so there will be about a 1 month wait to receive the purchased item. Everyone who puts in there order will be the first people in the country to own a lifted Baja so you will have bragging rights. You will also get a introductory discount for being the pioneer purchasers of this lift. If you need more information on our products or our company (to make sure it is legitimate) you can ask questions in the forums at USMB.net or 1919a4.com , and if you have any questions please look in the thread liftQ's http://forums.nasioc.com/forums/showthread.php?t=889022 before posting in this thread. The group buy will start today and end January 29th. All forms of payment are accepted, and payments must be in full. If paying via paypal or via credit card please adjust your total by 3%.


The pricing will be as follows:


1-4 people on the group buy: $595

5-7 people on the group buy: $550

8+ people on the group buy: $530



Thank you for your time,


James Malarkey CEO


Allied Armament www.alliedarmament.com

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So with this 4" Lift kit.....??? How much tire clearance Are you going to gain...?


And with 4" of lift how much is suspension, and how much is Block...?


Total ground clearance when Done...???? over stock..???


Sorry, After seeing the Ea-82 Lift, I gotta ask these questions....


inquiring minds wanna know....... :confused:


Ps....Heard You went for a drive today in the woods.....Inquired about my Bumpers....??? Turbo car Took care of Its Operator......If your going to build them, Build them right...... ;)



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Yep we went four wheelin with the monk! That subie of his is pretty cherry and works real well.


As for the Baja lift we are debating about the height of the lift, it will be in the range of 2.5" -4" depending on many variables, our main goal/objective is to fit our staple 29" tires under the vehicle. The lift may be designed differently than our previous lifts because the front strut lower cap will only allow for 4" taller tires, which might be the max allowed within the fenderwells. I will get more details as things progress.

Instead of steel tube blocks, we might actually use solid aluminum blocks for added stability.

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hmm.... I think I should share an idea of mine with you guys, I've had a couple of ideas going through my mind about how to get some added articulation out of the rear on an ea81... might work good on a later model subaru as well. as soon as I can get it on paper I'll show you guys

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