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Rear Seat Headrests or New Rear Seatback Needed for 91 Legacy Wagon

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I just bought a 91 Legacy L wagon a couple of days ago. It has rear shoulder harnesses but no headrests. I'm wondering if I have to get a new seat back with headrests or can I pull the plastic tie down clips on the top of the seatback and mount headrests there, if they have the single flat bar post unlike the double posts of the front seat rests. I don't think I can.


Anyone know when headrests were an option or standard on these cars? I'm thinking 1996.


Anyone know how new of a seatback with headrests will fit the 91 or the year range that the rear seats or seatbacks are interchangeable?


Any good sources for these items?



Dave near Seattle, WA

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I have a 91 LS wagon with rear head rests, I also am parting out a 91 LS Sedan, I can check to see if there are head rests. The LS had a split fold down rear seat, does yours? The parts car is a grey interior and the rear seats are in excellant shape. I'll repost a little later after I check for the headrests. ( I am in Manitoba)

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What was I thinking? The rear seat in a sedan isn't anything like the wagon seats, sorry. But if you need other parts, I have lots I'm not going to use.

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