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Robert M

turn key...click, click underdash in box...

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The battery, starter, cables on this otherwise reliable 87 4wd dual-range Wagon are brand new. Turn the key and you get a click-click-click coming from a six-inch square box under the dashboard. There's a red light on the box. You can feel the click coming from inside the box. Ignition relay?


Thanks in advance...

Robert M. Blevins



Update...Problem WAS the battery cable originally. I found out you really SHOULD hook up the little wire back on the starter motor...(LOL)

Problem fixed.:headbang:

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It's amazing how reliable they really are - just picked up an 86 Sedan that's been in somone's yard for 3 years (under pine trees - yuck). Started right up with a jump and drove 10 miles to my house. Owner broke a screwdriver in the ign. one day when he lost his keys, and just left it.



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