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Hey guy's, I'm replacing the headgaskets on my 98' GT. Do you guy's have any tips for me? Should I use sealant with the headgaskets? Or just use plain gaskets?

Any tips would be great.


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NEVER NEVER NEVER use sealnt on a headgasket. This has been covered on previous posts. The decks of the Cylinder and Cylinder head haave to be completley clean. The Cyl Head surface has to be Flat (which requires a machine shop check as most people dont have the micrometers to check this) with no runout. The Headgasket deforms a bit to make the seal. You have combustion pressures of 15-18,000 psi and coolant pressure of ~14psi. Any dirt and the two of them will find a path to leak. You also have engine oil under pressure.

There is also a specific sequance to tightening the Cyl Heads bolt that you need to follow as the manual states.



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