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'05 baja tire options? And other questions..

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I've got me quite a sick 05 baja, rolling up to about 20k miles. The stock tires aren't too bad, but I take my car everywhere, including some places it probably shouldn't be. So, i'm looking for some tough tires that will boost my confidence to the point that i'm not getting out and checking for flats every few miles. Any ideas or possibilities you guys might know of?


Also, what options do i have in terms of replacing the stock rims and doing a light lift without messing up the AWD system? How about dropping the gearing down to make it a bit more of a climber than a sprinter? Not looking to do any gnarly rock routes, just a stronger first.


Any other these possible, impossible, or so stupid that they shouldn't be attempted at all?! As for stats, she's a demonic manual 05 baja sport.

I love my car, and it's getting about time to make 'er my own! :headbang:


Thanks guys.

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Alright, if you still want street drivability (not super loud like super swampers) i'd go w/ BFGoodrich All terrains, i believe they make a 16" (Baja's run 16" rims right?) version small enough.

As for a lift, i don't think there's any suspension parts you can swap out to make it taller really, but there are a few people on this board who could make you strut spacers, or even a unibody type lift.

You could also check out the Offorad forum, there's good stuff there about offroading/tires etc..

I haven't talked to many people who really like to offroad their baja's and i cant' wait to see pics of it@! :headbang:

eh, i'm sure people who know more will chime in :rolleyes:

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