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first post ...have 99 ob/ltd 2.5 auto 69K , amsoil syn trans fluid and the trans filter was changed at 9,900 (when I bought it) and at 45K...last winter the trans had a hard 1-2 upshift when cold...warmed up= no problems...this year I am detecting the same 1-2 hard upshift when cold except now a slight reving of the engine prior to the hard shift...again no problems when warm...everything else seems fine even the downshift to 3rd when braking...this is my wife's car and it's not run hard at all...any thoughts ?...I searched the forums first and didnt find any real answer for this particular problem...OBTW the local sub dealer says its normal that the trans temp sensor will not let the trans upshift until a certain temp...well thats true as in very cold weather it would stay in 3rd for a long time b/4 shifting into overdrive but this hard 1-2 is making me lift off the acc when it happens...sixiron needs help

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You're probably getting some miles on the tranny, and for all things considered, I would say it's normal. There's not much you can do about the issue.


There is a shift kit that will firm up the 1-2 shift, basically eliminating the clutch for that shift. I have it in my car, and the 1-2 shift is crisp, some may say it's firm....I don't mind it.

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