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I'm looking at a 97 Legacy L (2.2 auto) with 150K that's being sold by a Subaru dealer. Originally asking $4500 as is, but I found out that it needs a new steering pump ($500), has an oil leak (don't know how significant), clouded headlamps, slight brake pulse, clouded headlamps, needs tires and alignment (they assured me that there is no torque bind)


Obviously I told them that they are crazy for trying to sell as is with that list, and said I would give consideration provided they at least change the power steering pump and do a timing belt/water pump change and general service ($550) for which they will sell me the car for $5200.


Now the brake pulse they said just requires the rotors to be resurfaced when the pads need to be replaced - doesn't sound like a big deal. They quoted me some outrageous price for new headlamp fixtures - is this even necessary? I guess the only real unknown is the significance of the oil leak - might be no big deal - but I really need to find out.


Anyway, I'm looking to the wisdom of the board here... should I even consider with the high mileage at this price? I think I could talk them down some, but not sure how far. Any advice on what I should offer and other things to ask about would be appreciated.

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Take a pass. too much stuff wrong, including the fact that the rotors will almost surely have to be replaced. Any dealer that would put a car with this many known problems on the lot is (IMHO) not to be trusted. They are just hoping someone that doesn't know cars will take it, and they wil get off without bringing it up to par. And then they want to raise the price to fix known defects ... PASS.


Go find another one.

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