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I'm new in here and will quite possibly be buying a 2.5 RS in the near future (22b?) as I have been in LOVE with that bodystyle since they were new... my question is, wheres the "cut off mileage" as in..when does **** jsut start to break and the repair bills get outrageous.. also what are the common issues, it woudl be a manual transmission of course...

This is gonna be quite a learning curve seeing as how my background is in tubodo FWD dodges (Shadows, Daytonas, Etc) big lifted trucks and Jeep.. lots and lots of Jeeps...

thanks in advance..


Bel Air, Md

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Well, hello.


First things first. Engine codes are as follows:

EA81 - 1.8l early 80's OHV

EA82 - 1.8l late 80's OHC

EJ series; 18, 20, 22, 25 <-- 1.8l, 2.0l, 2.2l, 2.5l 90's and current.

ER27 - 2.7 (6 cyl) late 80's early 90's XT6 motor

EZ30 - 3.0 (6 cyl) used in outbacks/tribeca etc

EG33 - 3.3 (6 cyl) mid 90's SVX motor


I'm sure there is more Subaru motor codes.. yeah like ea71 and ea61 and stuff.. but you get the idea.

Some of these are also available in Turbo editions.

The 96-99 I believe the EJ25 was notorious for having a head gasket issue. Generally if the headgasket has been properly replaced they are good to go. Otherwise they start going bad around 50k depending on driving style and care. I have heard of EJ25's of that time period making it 200k with no problems. It's all about how you treat your car. If it was me.. I would try to find a 97-99 w/ a 2.2 and then just get the "GT" (for legacy) or "RS" (for impreza) body kit. and then if I'm rich enough I would get an EJ25T(turbo motor) and driveline out of an '06 STI.


Edit: Some common issues include torque bind cause by failing couplers or clutch plate (in autos) which is caused by uneven tires (air pressure, tread depth, size, etc) or poorly lubricated stuff. Fluid changes are important in Subarus. I think if you want a 2.5 RS you should try getting an '01 or newer SOHC.

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do a search on "headgasket" and see how many 2.5's come up. not to scare you, but to help you make the best decision possible. it's not really THAT bad, since of course a site like this typically brings all the trouble children to the forefront. but you'll see more headgasket issues with the 2.5 than other subaru motors. others will disagree, but i say search the forum here and let the number of problems/threads speak for themselves rather that start the 34th thread debating this same topic.


get one cheap with a blown motor and swap in a turbo 2.0 or 2.2. i've seen 5-10 local 2.5's with blown headgaskets this year so far that could have been gotten cheap. don't see many RS's though, i don't recall seeing any locally at least. they are harder to come by than outbacks, foresters, legacy....


and hey, welcome maryland...

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2.5l DOHC's are known for head gasket issues.


2.5l SOHC's are pretty solid motors.


mine has 112k on it


i've done nothing but reg. maintenance

timing belt, water pump, seals, fluid swaps


nothing out of the ordinary.


so basically 2000-2001 SOHC Phase II EJ251 is what you want ;)


Jamie subiegal-smilie.png

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