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  1. In mine you actually have to remove the trim from around the shifter.. a small/thin screw driver works fine for this.. it just pops out.. then a normal or long phillips screw driver or the blunt end of a bic pen or pencil will hit the button down in the hole. With the ignition off, Check all your fuses. Uses a fuse puller and pull them out and look at them for being blown. The push button on the shifter pushes over and then push down.. you can take the shifter off and just try pushing on the "down" part and see if that helps. If you try this, be careful not to lose your springs/slides in the shifter handle. If neither of those things makes a difference I would go ahead and replace the brake pedal safety switch. You might consider crawling around underneath the car to see if all the shift linkage is still in tact. Especially look for loose/missing nuts and bolts and pins.
  2. I don't know how much you can account for fuel expansion.. but maybe putting 14 gallons of COLD fuel into a WARM vehicle made the fuel expand enough to make a little bit of a difference? Not likely, just a thought. (On the motorcycle forum I'm on: a guy filled his motorcycle tank to the tippy top.. and then parked it.. and the heat from his engine made his fuel spill out of the top of his tank.) I like the idea about the saddle/air bubble thing. I've been known to throw a little extra fuel into the filler neck if I know I'm going to be driving it off right away. And it definitely 'settles' a little bit after the initial shut off.
  3. SuBrat84

    Snow? In southern Arizona?

    Don't worry Brad.. this thread was from 11 months ago.. your snow will come.
  4. I wouldn't be surprised at all if the low fuel light is coming on with ~3 gallons left in the tank. depending on how the bottom of the tank is shaped it might not be able to pick up ANY gas with a gallon in there still.
  5. If it doesn't have any major issues you should buy it and drive it.
  6. SuBrat84

    torch prices

    I think even the smallest acetylene set-up will cut through railroad track with the right tank and tip. http://www.hoopersupply.com/tipchart.html There's a tip chart. It's for acetylene.. but should apply to propane as well.. just need a little more patience with propane.
  7. SuBrat84

    Possible Overheating in 4wd?

    It's a lot easier to feel for hot spots if you pull the fans off. You might try a cooler t-stat and see how it acts... How are the fins on the radiator? Are there a lot that are flattened down? or are they all fairly straight and open still?
  8. SuBrat84

    Possible Overheating in 4wd?

    Also, since you just did a flush and fill.. you might have an air bubble. Wait until the car is cold. Take the radiator cap off. Start and run the car until it is up to operating temp (so the t-stat opens and coolant starts flowing) and then top off the cooling system to help avoid air bubbles. (if you did this correctly in the first place, it's probably not the problem.)
  9. SuBrat84

    Possible Overheating in 4wd?

    Normal operation temp is ~190 degrees Fahrenheit. I think the red mark is ~220 or 230 Fahrenheit. (Someone correct me if I'm wrong.) Even still it shouldn't really be going much above half way. It's possibly the thermostat is on it's way out and not opening as soon as it should. It's possible there is some blockage in your cooling system. When you noticing the needle moving up try turning your heater on full blast and see if that brings it back down. You could also try feeling around the radiator to see if it's getting "hot spots." Hot spots would indicate blockage in the radiator itself. You could have a failing temperature sensor.. I had a brat that did what you are talking about.. but only during hard wheeling under 10mph. I think it was an issue with the old radiator / desert heat.
  10. SuBrat84

    torch prices

    I don't know how it is for the rest of the country.. but here in tucson the welding supply stores just exchange your old tanks for their full tanks. And it's really cheap once you "own" tanks. $30 lasts me at least 16 hours solid of cutting 1/2" steel. As far as using MAPP to cut 1/2" steel I would be surprised if it's efficient. The idea is that you get the steel glowing red and then when you blast it with oxygen it turns into steel oxide.. which has a melting point of about half that of steel. A good stable cutter can actually turn off the gas and cut with just oxygen after the initial heat up. What you can cut with a torch has more to do with how hot the gas burns, what pressures you are using on your gas/oxygen mixture, and what size cutting tip you are using.
  11. SuBrat84

    torch prices

    I didn't really read everyones posts.. just sort of scanned them. If it was already mentioned sorry for PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO YOUR RESEARCH for cutting/welding with Oxygen/Acetylene. If you misuse this equipment IT WILL BLOW UP AND YOU WILL DIE. It's the little things like never getting your Acetylene over 15PSI. NEVER NEVER NEVER get any oil or grease on ANY of the equipment!! In high school some smart rump roast sabotaged my uncles torch with grease and he is VERY lucky to have lived through the explosion. There is some GREAT sites to learn about Gas Cutting and Welding. I don't remember them off of the top of my head, but there is forums and everything. They will help you learn pressures and techniques for clean straight cuts and good solid welds. What size tips to use for what you're doing and everything. I highly recommend spending at LEAST a few hours reading some basic "gas cutting techniques" before you go out and buy one. (Then maybe you can test the set-up before you buy it.. especially a used one. INSPECT IT with a fine tooth comb!!!)
  12. What are you using as a jack point for "dead center?" It could be possible that the fuel tank is slightly off-set and when it starts leaning so does the fuel. That would make the left side a lot more heavy. Which side is the filler neck on? Do you have any cargo that could be making it lean that way?
  13. Welcome to the board!! What a nice bunch of Subarus! And yeah, your English is at least as good as most Americans, and certainly better than some!!
  14. Yup it's a pint between the lines. Good luck only draining a pint if you take the drain plug out.. it might be better if you disconnect a tranny cooler line or something and try to drain a pint out of the radiator or somewhere a little less messy.
  15. I see people here in Tucson driving around without hoods all the time. The only thing that would concern me is people tampering with my engine / stealing my battery. But if you are just going from A to B that wouldn't be an issue. I also don't really see an issue with strapping the hood to the luggage rack.. just get a good pair of ratchet straps and figure out how to make a good "X" strap. (hook points: Front Left, Rear Right and Front Right, Rear Left.)