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  1. cznz, Tucson? You live in southern AZ too? I live about an hour south of Tucson near Sierra Vista!
  2. carfreak85, How much stiffer of a spring would I have to go if I removed the anti-roll bars? I tried 250s up front without the anti-roll bar, but the nose was nowhere near as planted on the RallyX as it is with the 200s and RX anti-roll bar. I have tried the RX rear anti-roll bar, but I just couldn't get enough rotation as I do with the XT6 anti-roll bar. Even with 320lb/in springs back there, it just would lean too much and the higher spring rates would just bounce the tail around. Very unpredictable. Hence why I dropped back down to the 250lb/in springs and the XT6 rear anti-roll bar. I realize the wagon doesn't weigh that much more than a sedan or the XT, but that weight is up higher back there. Perhaps I just haven't found the right spring rate/dampening ratio...
  3. The front springs are 10" long and I have no preload set. The adjusters are all the way down. However, the springs are snug enough to not rattle around or pop out of the spring perch when the front is unloaded. I'll have to get pictures of the struts later this evening.
  4. Hello, Fellow Subie Owners! Long time no post! I have a question: PandaWagon, my 87 GL Wagon with an EJ25D and 5-lug swap is my RallyX/backup daily car. I am at a quandry with the suspension setup on her. Currently: IMG_5067 by subynut, on Flickr Front KYB AGX with 200lbs/in Ground Control coil overs with no preload RX Sway Bar Whiteline Strut Top Mount with extra Negative Camber and Positive Caster Alignment set to about -2* of Negitive Camber and 0 Toe. Legacy Bump Stops with 2/3 of it cut off for extra compression. Rear: Koni Yellow with 250lbs/in Ground Control coil overs with no preload XT6 Sway Bar RallyX Tires are 195/60R15 Cooper Weather Master Snow tires. Street Tires are 205/60R14 All Seasons. Her front is sitting pretty close to 2WD height with the street tires, which I like how she sits and she handles amazing on the street! The rear could come down some, but I haven't been able to do that without basically sitting on the bump stops in the rear. Which makes the rear unpredictable while on the race course. :/ She handles pretty decent on the RallyX. Untitled by subynut, on Flickr But! She's bottoming out the front suspension on decent bumps at the RallyX. Closer wheel arch spaces: Front: Untitled by subynut, on Flickr Rear: Untitled by subynut, on Flickr I have about two inches before the bump stop on the front. I've tried 250lbs/in springs, but at those rates, she's too bouncy and her nose is going airborne. I've played with the shock setting, but all I seem to do is make the bouncing worse. The 250s work great at high speeds, but that's way too fast for RallyX. Rear is ok as far as the springs, but I'm having a challenge with shocks. The Koni's appear to be wearing out. They're not dampening like they used to. (Abount 2.5 seasons of RallyX and some AutoX on those. I understand that travel is a biggie for RallyX, but I don't want to lift the suspension anymore than 4WD height to keep body roll under control. (Preferably, I'd like to keep the suspension at 2WD height. But I don't know if that's possible for RallyX) So, this is my ideas: Add preload to the front coil springs to lift the nose some Concerns: Will I bind the coil spring before hitting the bumpstop? (I'll get a picture of the coil over in it's current state later) 225lb/in springs Concerns: Will that still be too much spring? STi front springs Concerns: Will that lift the nose too much? I don't have STi springs or the 225lb/in coilover springs, so, I'm thinking I'll try adding preload and see if I can mimick the RallyX on the street. Am I on the right track with just adding preload to the front coil overs to lift it a little?
  5. subynut

    EJ trans into EA82 body Questions

    So, if I had a trans out of say, an '02 Impreza Outback Sport (phase II), I can swap the clutch fork with the cable type and it'll work? Do I assume I need to use the flywheel/clutch assembly for a cable clutch?
  6. Hello fellow Suby fans! The PandaWagon will be in need of a transmission very soon and I want to go EJ. From what I have read so far, I need: The trans (duh) EJ flywheel ( for that specific trans? ) EJ Clutch kit ( for that specific trans? ) Rear diff (if the ratio is different from your current diff) If going to a newer EJ trans, will have to convert to a hydro clutch: Pedal box Master cylinder Slave Cylinder Hoses (probably will get new) (do I need the EJ brake booster?) Driveshaft length needs to be changed I've read that the driveshaft from an EA 4SP auto will work. true? If not, who makes a good driveshaft that's repairable? I have read that the EA speedo cable fits the EJ trans. true? Mounting trans to body: This is where I get a bit lost. I think if your EA82 is built after 87.5, that the entire XT6 trans crossmember will work with a little drilling for the EJ trans mount. However, prior to 87.5, the XT6 trans crossmember will not fit because the tunnel is too narrow. The other thing is finding an XT6 trans crossmember, XT6s are becoming harder and harder to find. So, since The PandaWagon is an early 87, what do I really need? Center section of the EJ trans crossmember The EA82 man trans crossmember and the EA82 auto trans cross member? Custom? Is there anyone on here that builds such an animal? Also, is there a difference between the Phase I and Phase II engine/transmission combos? The PandaWagon has a Phase I EJ25, if I put a Phase II transmission in there, will it bolt up? Starter issues? Thanks, Ted
  7. Filthy Subaru: The evidence of... RallyX!
  8. Got bored watching TV, so I took the PandaWagon out for a drive. Took a few pics while I was out: And got a pretty good sunset shot too:
  9. subynut

    EA82...5x100 swap questions ;)

    The other option is a custom hub and adapter plate to allow mounting the Legacy/Impreza brakes on the EA82 trailing arm. I have a kit from Crossbred Performance out of Australia on the PandaWagon.
  10. Peloncillo Mountains in New Mexico.
  11. Went cruising with Wedge this afternoon. Took a few snaps with the phone:
  12. Took the long way home from work tonight: