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Everyone who is going to use the repair manual...read this first!


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Hey, just so you know before you use this manual... All of the above info is from Subaru enthusisasts who are not experts trained by Fuji in the art of how to jimmy-rig your car with new fangled ways to improve it. Many things here in the manual were trial and error attempts by members. Sometimes the bugs are not worked out. We try our best to be honest in telling you *how to*, but that doesn't neccessarily mean we're 100% on the mark. Bad things may just happen if you try one of these experimental *fixes*. The owners and moderators of the Ultimate Subaru Message Board which contains the Ultimate Subaru Repair Manual will NOT be held liable for your actions/modifications.


Good luck with your repairs and/or modifications but just remember...you are doing it at your own risk.



The owners and moderators of USMB

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