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Rhino Buggies experiences???

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Hey all,

Just curious to see if anyone here has had personal experience with the plans or building of any of the Rhino Buggies products. They look pretty simple. I'm looking to build a sort of dual purpose (sand/4x4) off road toy. Any help?

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...buy a 4x4 wagon or hatch; lift it if it isn't already; take off the doors and rear hatch, remove all glass. Pull out carpets and do what Subarubrat did to his floors. Put on bigger wheels/tires. Pull rear seat to save more weight if you just want a two-person ride. Save stuff you took off in case you need it for winter use, or sell it off to make the car cheaper.


You could use an Airgate or similar webbed tailgate to hold stuff in.

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Just about done with one....:D


Doing a 4 seater conversion on the Bandit Platform with some other modifications. Would be finished if the weather would cooperate just a bit:santa:


The plans are good overall but there are some problems for people on the top side of the world.:boohoo:


Customer service is lousy!


I waited two months for plans that are suppose to take 10 days. Mudrat had similar problems:moon:


I waited six weeks for an answer to a angle on a part.:moon:


Having said that, if you have terminal rust and a good drive train it's a great solution for your old friend:wave:


Let me know if I can help,


82 Hatch, .....transforming..........:temper:

01 Forester, ......jealous.............:madder:


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Hey sweet82,

You built it by the plans not the kit right? How did you do the bending on the tubing? And how long has it taken you to do it? Thanks again,

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Built it from the plans. Pretty hard to screw up, even for an ametuer like me.


The Right hand steering to Left is not as strait forward as you would think. Now mine is done I may be able to figure some adjustments for the pedal area V.S. the tranny tunnel. (works for the Auzzies but not US).


I looked at a Harbor Freight Tubing Bender but was told it was a Tubing Kinker.:madder:


I ended up paying a buddy at http://www.rocklogic4x4.com/

to do the actual bending. Renting a real one would also work.:cornfuzz: Bends are not difficult and I did them more intricate than the plans called for for cosmetic reasons. (My roll Bar is from one piece of tubing rather than changing from square to round near the windshield.)


I maintain if you were to take off work, you could build the main chassis in a week! It's not bad at all. I did all cuts and angles with my lowley angle grinder:banghead:


All the Subie Rhino's are based off the same basic platform, the outer tubing is the only difference. I rearranged the rear to look more like a scorpion.


My old Subie did good on sand and stuff. I think with a #1000 pound weight reduction and tires a foot wide it should go where you point it.



82 Hatch, well sort of..........:temper:

01 Forester, still is........... :burnout:

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