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What To Offer Mid-late 80's Gl wagon

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So i work out in the middle of NOWHERESVILLE in northern Cali, and as luck would have it, there is a huge hippie town right down the street... and of course that mean SUBARUs! (and volvos, but i can do without those...) anyways, right at the end of the driveway to work there is a "broke down" or abondoned gl wagon. it's been sitting there for almost two weeks now and no one has touched it, not even CHP tagging it or anything... anyways, since i seems no one else wants it, I WANT IT! and since i can not conciously "take" it..... i shall do the next best thing and put a note on the windshield offering the owner some money for it if/when they return for all of the stuff that's still inside of it... how much shall i offer? i was thinking like 300 bucks if in fact it does not run.... the body is straight though. Anyone have any other ideas as to how to aquire this poor little subaru just begging to come home and be lifted and loved???:banana:

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