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My Oil Pump Mystery Resolved

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I am sure there are threads about this, it is well worth repeating, especially in the 20+ year old ea82s... and getting older. I found a "technical service bulletin" at an online parts ordering website about 1980-1989 soobs aerating at the oil pump due to its seals causing engone noise and inevitable failures, starting with gaskets.

I summed it up with photos and an undoubted tip for the complete fix for my 87 (my loyale stayed flawless by oem build).




I enjoyed making this page- I have found the pre 1990 soobs disappeared more than all of the loyales,even of they looked fairly decent. Not only for the pain in the butt carb versions at -20F below.This oil pump aeration stuff was no doubt at the top of the list where I live. Sorry if it is a repeat for you regulars. We aren't all pros. :confused:

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The airation can come from either the pump micky-mouse gasket, from worn or dirty lifters (fairly uncommon), or from the cam case seals. Especially if they are the older cam o-rings without the metal reinforcing. This one is from my 86 sedan:





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