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yeah, it's been a while. I'm graduating in december and have been SUPER busy getting my design portfolio ready and everything...havn't had a whole lot of time for the forums.


here's an update on the Green Machine:


it's over 2k miles overdue for an oilchange (though i have been adding quarts as needed.


If i try to put it in drive right after startup when cold it bogs down until i let off the gas.


i have slow leaks in 3 of the 4 tires.


My belts are shredded and starting to whine and squeal.


The CEL keeps coming on with a knock sensor code, then goes away for a week or 2 then comes back on.


I'm fine thanks, how are you?

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The slow leaks might be due to chewed up bead. You can have NTW or such pull them off and slap goo around them to seal better against the rim. about $23 per tire should do it. Or just get 4 new tires. Depends how much life is left in them.

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