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    2014 XV oil level

    Worth mentioning here, my 2014 Crosstrek with 32k miles on her, seems to consume a little bit of oil. I don't see any leaks or puddles on the ground, the car runs perfectly and is not noticeably burning oil, but I have to top up the oil every other month. If I do not add oil, the oil light comes on, only at highway speed of around 70mph. The light goes off when my speed drops down. If I ignore it and don't add oil, eventually I get a CEL and the cruise control will not work until I add oil and the oil light and CEL go off.
  2. Are these the right ones? Do I need 2 per side? http://www.autopartswarehouse.com/details/QQSubaruQQGLQQNTNQQWheel_BearingQQ19721989QQW0133-1633822.html Any better ones? or other comments? thx!
  3. unibrook

    Fumoto valve for Crosstrek

    I got a new Fumoto valve for the 2014 Crosstrek. From what I can tell, the 2001 Forester takes valve: F105N and the 2014 Crosstrek takes: F108N. They are different sizes.
  4. unibrook

    Fumoto valve for Crosstrek

    Does anyone know if my old Fumoto valve from my 2001 Forester will fit a 2014 Crosstrek?
  5. unibrook

    Receiving/playing Email on Infotainment screen?

    I have a 2014 Crosstrek, and since the nav system is about as anti-intuitive as possible, I would have no hope of being able to hear emails via the unit. I applaud your intrepid expectations of the system. :-)
  6. unibrook

    What is the best mpg for the hybrid?

    To help folks compare.....I just did a 360 mile weekend trip in my 2014 regular non-hybrid Crosstrek Premium with 13k miles on her. It was mostly easy, light traffic highway driving. I got over 36 mpg for the trip. Spinning 1800 rpm at 65 mph. Sweet. I am loving the CVT, although you do have to get used to how it behaves when accelerating etc. The more irritating thing to get used to is the steering at highway speeds. I dunno if it is the electric power steering motor or what, but you have to constantly adjust the wheel to keep the car tracking straight at highway speeds. And it takes a bit of work with the hand, not just a one finger gentle type of adjustment. This is only an issue at highway speed, you will not notice it around town.
  7. unibrook

    Compared to the old Subarus. . .

    Compared to my 2001 Forester, our 2014 Crosstrek has very few storage cubbies, front and back. Not a dealbreaker, but a noticeable irritant. Also, I find the steering at highway speeds needs quite a bit of hand effort to keep it tracking straight. Dunno if this is due to the electronic power steering motor or what. But this is not something you will notice around town. Otoh, I got over 36 mpg on my highway trip of 360 miles recently. So, I love the CVT. It has plenty of power for our family use. We are not hauling heavy loads and don't feel the need for a bigger engine.
  8. unibrook

    CVT does not upshift in manual mode

    Do the paddles help lock in a ratio that will help avoid that "high rev/no speed increase/CVT rubber band effect" when trying to accelerate at around 40mph to merge onto highway?
  9. unibrook

    Lost Keys

    That 3rd key is the valet key.
  10. unibrook

    2015 Crosstrek seat belt warning chime

    Good tip, thanks. Yep, that seatbelt chime is irksome. Nice to know there is a cure if I get irritated enough by it.
  11. unibrook

    Looking into the Crosstrek

    We ended up buying a 2014 Crosstrek. Wife liked the visibility and seating position much better in it than the Outlander Sport, CX-5, and Escape we test drove. One thing you will notice and miss in the Crosstrek vs the old Forester.....the Crosstrek has a distinct lack of storage cubby spots. I loved that the Forester was loaded with these. Oh well, I will adjust.
  12. Especially after the engine has warmed up, it is very difficult to shift into gear. And grinds when I try to shift into reverse. I have recently replaced the Slave and the Clutch Hose, neither of those made a difference. I replaced the Master in October. Could it be the trans fluid causing this issue? It was last changed at 110k.
  13. unibrook

    Is the Crosstrek right for me?

    Oh, and another tip. Do not take your wife into the dealer with you to buy the car. Once the sales guy sees your wife sitting at the table, he knows you will pay full sticker price.
  14. My 2001 Forester did that occasional shudder thing (slight misfire??) the entire time I owned it....from 75k to 145k miles. Never did figure out what caused it.
  15. unibrook

    Fumoto valve for Crosstrek

    Well, I used to own the Fumoto, since it was installed in my 2001 Forester for the last 10 years. And I loved it. So easy and clean to change oil with it. But yesterday we sold the Forester with Fumoto, and bought a 2014 Crosstrek. So now I will get a new Fumoto for the newer car.
  16. Wife finally got fed up with my chasing tranny problems. She twisted my arm and forced an upgrade to a 2014 Crosstrek. Sold the old Forester to the dealer for $200. On to the next chapter of Subaru Love.... :-)
  17. Great points guys, thanks for this input. I will post back here with a fix when I get it.
  18. It just seems odd that the pedal is not soft....if the problem is the Master cyl. Hmmmmm....
  19. Well, I guess I can replace the Master ... again. It was an aftermkt part. But I did it only 6 months ago. And I am not getting soft pedal symptom at all.
  20. 2103 CVT Crosstrek with a rebuilt title. How bad must the accident have been to require that? Seller says it was just a fender bender.....but um, why would the title need to say rebuilt? http://newlondon.craigslist.org/cto/5468758013.html
  21. This is precious! Here is Seller's response when I asked for more data regarding the accident, what repairs done, any receipts, Carfax etc. He responded, "People asked to many stupid questions it's not for sale any more. " Yeah, um, it is the questions that were stupid..... :-)
  22. Mist the coil and wires at night with the engine running.
  23. unibrook

    Looking into the Crosstrek

    As someone said, it is all relative. Coming from our 2001 Forester 5MT, the new Crosstrek CVT felt like it accelerated much better. So, it feels plenty peppy to us. If you want to feel sluggish, test a Mitsu Outlander Sport... and I like that car: on the fly selection of FWD, 4WD, 4WD-Locked. Hello? Subaru? Are you listening? And for acceleration, neither of them could touch the Ford Escape we tested. But, yep, it is all relative.
  24. Thanks very much for your thoughts. I will ask Seller for more data, Carfax, receipts etc. No doubt, he will have NONE of that available. His command of English seems shaky enough.
  25. Nicely done Vasy! Fumoto valve is the way to go! Glad to see new models have easy access to Fumoto valve through hole in plastic toboggan....so I don't have to remove it every time I change the oil.