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Got my first chance to drive my Forester in the Snow Yesterday:banana:


What a great Snowmobile. Went through powder and crust a little over a foot deep and it didn't even slip.:D


Just left a line in the snow shaped like my undercarrage!


I used it to pack a trail for use as the winter progresses so lesser vehicles will have a path to follow, such as the Honda CRV I passed, stuck on the side of the road.


My only regret is no D/R tranny. A low range would have made the initial trail braking easier to do at lower speeds.


Looking forward to a snowy winter with my new snowmobile.



82 Hatch, wants to go play in the snow now....

01 Forester, loves the snow!

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Soobs are usually good for three feet of snow with no problems if they've got good tires. Mine will out-do my parents' chevy pickup in the snow nine times out of ten.

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