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rear end question

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my rear end on my ea82 4x is leaking, and since i let my brother drive it, the rear is making all kinds of whining noises, like its empty, but its not. is it easier to replace the "pumpkin" or the whole rear end? or does it just shound like my spider gears are shot?

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it would be easier to replace the diff itself. but sometimes the axles will seize to the stubs. a good couple of whacks with a hammer will get the doj off the diff.


if you cant get ti off that way, pull the rear trailing arms, diff and axles all at once(or the whole suspension, but watch the fuel line, it must be pinched off, unless you want a full tank on the floor)


by having the whole thing out, it makes it easier to swing a 3 lb hammer. if you can get one with the one end bevelled, that would be better. rotate the axle every few whacks.


if you do get it off, put a good amount of anti-seize on the stubs. moisture gets in thru the insm and the splines rust up/


i would recommend getting the axles off the diff and/or hubs, and put anti-seize on them, for the next time you have to service the diff/axles

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Guest subu luvr

miles seems to have it...


i just pulled the drivetrain from a 91 loyale wagon, rear axels a bit sticky.. didnt get em off till i dropped the moustache and diff

and picked up the medium hammer...


i have a quart can of never sieze that has to be 25 years old, guess it gets its fifteen minutes of fame tonight...



broke a few bolts off in the body, but didnt strip any, and didnt

have to cut or rattlehammer either woo hoo



red wagon will be d/r 4x by monday evening if all goes well...



there's a few diffs in the upull, rogers is cleaning out the rest of the subes currently

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just swapped rear trailing arms and disc brakes fom a turbo xt to a 4wd 5spd wagon today. had to part the xt, pull the parts from the wagon. put the xt parts in the wagon, and put the wagon parts on the xt(to have wheels to put on a trailer to the junk yard)


the axles were stuck on a little, but at least they came apart how i expeted them to, with my hammer technique.


sure, i could have swapped only the brakes, but now the wagon has a nice fat swaybar in back!


when i took the trailing arms out, i popped the axle pin off first, but the axle came away from the diff last.


when going back together, i would mount the shock bolt first. that would give me enough play to put the axle to the diff, install pin. then the rest goes together.


when i put my turbo motor together, i used a can of anti seize that was older than i was. a little pasty, but it works the same!

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