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Cruise install in a Legacy (impreza similar)

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easy job! Absolutely make sure you get the right cruise computer for the right transmission in the car (auto trans CC computer will not work on a manual trans car)


You need:

-the cable and articulator that goes under the hood

-the correct CC computer

-the switch you put into the dash

-the switch you put in the steering wheel (you do not need the whole wheel)

-brake light switch (you will find there is a different plug already there for the different switch)

-clutch switch (if stick shift)



Notice I didn't say anything about wiring....'cause it is already there!!!!!!


All parts are easy to find and the computer location is to the right of the glove box (legacy only impreza is under dash on driver side)(you have to remove the GB) and it is a little bit of a pain in the a$$ to get at but not too bad. All parts are interchangable with automatics/manuals EXCEPT the actual computer. You need to make sure all the parts come from the same generation of legacy (or impreza if that is what you are working on)


Believe it or not this is super easy to do!!!!! if you know what you are doing it is an hour tops seriously since it is all "plug and play"

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