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I have a few questions about the in and ex valves in an EA-82.



1. What would cause the intake valves to become pitted on the cylinder side? The ex valves are not pitted.


2. Are the valves coated? After cleaning, one of the ex valves has a light spot that looks like bare metal. The rest of the valve face and the other 3 ex's are dark. Is this a factory coating or baked on oil like a cast iron frying pan?


3. What is the seat angle for the ex valves? I need to cut costs as much as possible so I may regrind the ex's depending on the answer to Q2.

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they arent coated, as far as i know. the angle should be 45, or 46 degrees depending on how subaru lapped them in.


not sure grinding your valves would save you any money, because thats not part of the job that takes any time

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Time I have. Money I don't. Broke my leg in June and am just now only working about half time. I'm looking at about $12 a valve from the local dealer. The in's are shot. But the ex's seem ok. I was going to lightly grind the seat margin to get a "factory fresh" seal. Probably not necessary, but I have access to an old Black and Decker valve grinder and have never done it. I will practice on the in's first though.

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