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78 BRAT progress

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work has begun taking the front suspension from an 81 GLF to put into the 78 BRAT. its all disconnected except for one crossmember bolt, the nut is stripped. will have to come back with a sawzall or grinder.


the brat is missing the fenders and a driver side window.


we have its ea71 motor, are going to use the heads from an 87 hatch, bigger valves. we also have a hitachi carb from an ea82 to use.


right now we have the 4spd s/r trans, but if we get a dual range, or any 5spd, we have the bellhousing from an ea81 motor to use.


if we do get a 4spd dual range, we will be playing with the idea of using an ea82 motor.


once i get my xt6/legacy struts, the rear disc off my wagon will be available


i have a set of ea82 lower control arms, one from the xt6, and one from an 88 wagon, if they are the same length and opposite sides, i will consider an ea82 front end conversion, i can get the strut assy, just need axles(more readily available)


so the end result will be an ea82 front suspension(like trashwagon5) an ea71 motor and trans(or possibly an ea82 and dual range, have motor, need trans) and rear disc brakes.


it will also have an ea81 bumper, and maybe enders if we can get it to look right.


our main priority is getting the suspension on so we can wheel it around and make room for other projects


i will post my progress on the use of the ea81 front crossmember

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Take that one arm from the XT to a garage (Brents), they should be able to press that pivot bolt out. You know, the one I ground the head and nut off of. If nothing else, press the old bushing out, and pop in a new one, they're not that much in price.


Pmed you again on the tranny.

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