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The local u-pull-it yard has a '93 Legacy sedan. I haven't seen it yet--I had just called over there to see if they had any '90s-ish Subes. Supposed to have a "good body but bad motor".


Anyway, I was thinking of checking out the "bad" engine and possibly buying it if they don't want too much for it. I've got a '95 LSi wagon with 215k on it, so while it runs fine now, going kaput is somewhere in the future. I thought it might be fun to do a gradual rebuild/overhaul of this engine from the '93--that way, when the day comes to replace my engine, I've got one ready to slide right in.


My questions: Is the '93 EJ22 the same as the '95 EJ22, or would there be some incompatibility issue(s) at play with this "swap"?


Also, having never done a rebuild w/ a Sube, is the Subaru engine a do-able project for joe-average car guy? The block is aluminum with cast iron sleeves in the cylinder--correct? Does a machine shop bore the sleeves or tap them out and replace with new ones? (I have never fooled with an engine that has an aluminum block before.)



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Other than some electrical issues (Legacy in 1995 is OBDII as I recall. The 1993 is not), the swap will be direct bolt up. You could probably even use your old ECU.

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the OBDI and OBDII issue might not be a simple hurdle, i'd wait for some feedback or search on that a bit. you might be able to just swap intake manifolds though, thereby retaining your original sensors, plugs, wires and everything else, just swapping long blocks.


machine shops can do the block work for you just fine and can bore them out. i personally would not have one resleeved but they can do it. EJ22's are such good motors it's not cost effective to rebuild one yourself. they are very easy to find with low mileage, i'd get one of those and at the most do a complete reseal on it - new headgaskets on up. i do recommend rebuilding one for fun, experience, knowledge and stuff but it's not economical on this motor. get a used one or if new is what you're after call CCR for a brand new motor with a 3 year 36,000 mile warranty and decades of reputation and experience with subaru rebuilding.


often you can get an EJ vehicle that's been wrecked or with a bad trans for next to nothing, yank the motor and there you go.

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