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front suspension upgrade notes

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last weekend i went back to the yard to an RX corpse they have.. remembering something someone had mentioned, i compared the strut rods on my 86 GL10 to the 87 RX.. the GL10 strut rods are 18 mm and the RX strut rods (which are now on my car, hehe) are 20mm.

i'll confess that i don't know much about strut rods and exactly how they affect the car's handling; i just threw them on because they were bigger and from an RX. anyone have more info?


I also found, on a 93 loyale sedan, a 17mm front sway bar (which is also on my car now) in case anyone's looking for a smaller front sway bar. I have the 20mm XT6 sway bar in the back, and until i put in the 17mm front bar, I also had a 20mm XT6 front sway bar. it feels a lot less front-wheel-drivey now. I now have front sway bars in 17mm, 18mm, 19mm, and 20mm.. after i figure out why i still have positive front camber (just a little, been that way ever since i put on the RX front struts?????) i'll figure out which is best in the front...

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