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  1. Did someone rent their hatch to the production company? Spotted at 0:52 -
  2. baccaruda

    EA81 turbo to EA81 spfi w/ ea81t cam

    Hey, maybe this can yield you a gas tank for "my" old turbo coupe!
  3. baccaruda

    Prevent theft

    Kill switch for the fuel pump AND the ECU. Powered by the same relay in some cars... or a kill switch for the main fusible link (better know what you're doing, though)
  4. baccaruda

    What to do with my '92 Loyale...

    Ronjon, if you're planning to lift the car, you might consider doing that before or during the engine swap - otherwise you'll have to reconfigure the radiator hoses, wiring clearance, heater hoses, pitch stopper, and exhaust ... all twice. PS I'm selling a lift kit
  5. If the car came with A/C which was simply not carried over during the engine swap: You should be able to do this with the EJ22 compressor; you'll need both sets of lines. Have a hydraulic supply shop make you a set of hybrid lines using your original fittings, or by using them to match the threads, etc for new fittings. You'll probably use most of the original EA82 lines and just change the engine-side ends to meet the compressor at the right angles. You should be able to adapt the wiring to activate the EJ A/C compressor clutch with the original EA controls. If the car didn't come with A/C then you'd have to swap in A LOT of stuff from an A/C car to do this. More than it's worth IMO.
  6. baccaruda

    Sad news to report

    I most recently saw Ed when I sold a piece of furniture via Craigslist to a woman.. who showed up being driven by Ed! I noticed it was him while he was finishing something said to her, so I walked up and pretended to introduce myself as he saw me, and then we had a little laugh. I'll miss his good humor, expertise, and generosity.
  7. baccaruda

    Hatch Louvres!

  8. http://cliffmass.blogspot.com/2013/09/unusual-heavy-rain-event-to-hit.html Big Rain through Friday.. hopefully not through Sat & Sun. Be prepared...
  9. baccaruda

    3.7 Lsd

    This might help too: http://www.indysworld.com/80s/general/USRM/mick-usrm/lsd-swap/lsdswap.html from the older USRM. If you have a problem with your project, posting photos of what you're working on can help a lot. Host them at imgur or imageshack or something if you don't have personal hosting. Keep in mind that when you "don't want to take the time to search" that you're asking others to take the time to search or type for you. If you search and post the terms you used to search, that can help us help you be a better searcher. It's hard sometimes because the search function doesn't recognize search terms of 3 characters or less... including LSD. Look for alternates like diff, differential, limited slip, swap, etc. And thank you for remaining polite when you were not treated politely.
  10. baccaruda


    Me three... wow, B. I'll get ahold of you when I can make it down to Oly!
  11. Hey Ed, my number's still the same, thanks!
  12. Hit her up anyway; maybe she'll realize she's on the wrong coast, or send a camera crew over here!
  13. baccaruda

    Spare parts mounting?

    Cushion them with material such as old t-shirts, bubble wrap, styrofoam, slightly used diapers, banana peels, or extra pillows, and store them in containers such as milk crates, ammo cans, Pelican cases, toolboxes, Rubbermaid bins, gun lockers, 5-gallon buckets, empty milk cartons...
  14. I'm looking for a place in Seattle to move into next month! I've been here for a bit getting set up and am finally ready to quit hopping around. I'm hoping for a situation where I can share a house so I'll have some built-in friends, and more space for possessions and projects than I would in an apartment, as well as greater likelihood of a place to park my car. Please PM me if you have or know of something! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Also, I have a good friend in Portland, OR looking for a place; her landlord is doing something with the property next month and is kicking everyone out. She works at Trader Joes and is a good fit there, and if anyone has (or is) a reference, please shoot me a PM!
  15. baccaruda

    introducing Camilla

    Technically your 2nd hatch