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  1. Thanks, yes, I've decided that $120 for the rims is about right, but I hope all this is just to give me some peace of mind. Since I'm giving the car away a month after buying it, I can tell myself that between the rims and the tires, at least I didn't come way with nothing!
  2. JAmacT

    Axle of Evil

    Hi Kgrove46 - It looks like Empire bought out EMPI, and the quality has tanked. There's a company in Denver that will remanufacture your axle and make it awesome. http://www.cvjreman.com/ I'm going to chime in here and just say, should you change your mind about selling your Loyale, and if it is a manual 5-speed 4wd, please contact me.
  3. Well, maybe so, but I'm going with the online price. I don't want to sell them, I want to keep them because the nearest junkyard to me is about a three hour drive one way. And the tires are brand new and cost me over $300. So, altogether, not worthless.
  4. These are the original steel rims, no caps. Looks like online they go for about $50 - $70 each. I just had new tires put on, and the guys at the tire shop didn't see any issue with the rims at all.
  5. Hi everyone - So as you may know I'm giving away my DL wagon. But because I've lost so much money on it already and I hope to own another wagon in the future, I'm keeping the steel rims if I can. I might have to sell them with the car, however. If so, what what would you say would be a reasonable price for the rims alone? Thanks!
  6. Hello - I just bought a beater 86 DL wagon with so much friable plastic it's kind of silly. I have a possible line on a parts car, but it's a 91 Loyale. Does anyone know what can be swapped right over w/o too much trouble? I've been looking at this thread on this forum, and it seems like I should be able to switch out, say, the door panels (or entire doors?) but the thread is comparing an 87 GL with the Loyale. Does everything still apply to my 86? http://www.ultimatesubaru.org/forum/topic/131244-dumb-question-loyale-vs-gl-wagons/ Thanks!
  7. Oh, nice Dave T - wish I had the tools/time/wherewithal to make something like that! I mentioned the 2 inch stainless from the cat back, and a stainless Magnaflow muffler to the guy from the auto shop yesterday and his eyes got very wide. Then he looked out at my car and laughed. Yeah, I think I'm going to have to go with something less... upscale for now. But at least I know what to aim for in the future. Well, unless I can buy the parts online for less, and have it installed for a reasonable price? Otherwise, any other suggestions for someone with no shop and limited means (but a will to try at least to get good parts, not junk)? I'm not sure how much the exhaust effects the engine, but definitely right now my engine needs all the help, or at least the least hindrance, I can manage w/o it sounding too loud. Thanks again!
  8. Hello everyone - Well, I went ahead and bought a wagon, and it came with a..a... I don't even know what it is, but it sounds like a bomb going off while I drive. I'd like an exhaust system that is relatively quiet but that babies the engine a bit. I need to drive up and lot of steep hills. Can anyone suggest what I should be looking for? Thanks!
  9. Thanks, Barracuda and Wagonist. The car did have AC at one point, apparently. I'll talk some more with the current owner and see what I can find out. Appreciate your help.
  10. Well, this gives me some idea of what's involved. I suspected if it was even possible (and I guess the jury's still out on that w/o knowing what's under the hood, room-wise) that it wouldn't be especially easy, or cheap. I would love to hear from someone who's done something similar. I've been surprised at how many older wagons don't have AC. For some reason I'd assumed that wouldn't be much of an issue, but it looks like I may not find a car at all if I'm insisting on AC already installed, and I really do need something to cool the car in summer. I'll check out those ugly under dash units, too - just in case. Thanks!
  11. Hello again- So I'm looking on Craig's List at a 1985 GL that has a 1996 Ej22 engine swap - and no AC. Is it at all possible to add AC to this car, and if so, what kind of cost and contortions am I looking at? Thanks!
  12. Thanks again! Sadly, I think I'm going to pass on the car, but, thanks to your info, not because of the lever. It doesn't have AC, and I live in eastern California where it was 103º yesterday. I'm not giving up, though! I'll post a wanted request here on Ultimate Subaru - maybe I will catch someone who's thinking about selling.
  13. Thank you, this helped to clarify my questions ot the person who looked at the car! He seemed to be describing a lever on the steering column, but it is a lever next to (maybe in front of? I didn't think to ask specifically about that, either! Jeesh ) the shifter. So, knowing that, is there much difference between the lever style 4WD and the push button?
  14. Hello everyone. I am currently looking at possibly buying a 1986 Subaru GL 4WD wagon that's on a lot in Washington, but I'm in California so I had someone check it out for me. He tells me that the on-demand 4WD is not a push-button, as I expected, but rather on a lever on the steering column. I've tried to look into this, and it seems like Subaru stopped making that kind of 4WD transimission in the late 70's? Can anyone discuss this with me? This is a big purchase for me - not a "fun" car, but would be my only car. Thank you!