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My OBW ej25 auto has started stalling all of a sudden. when you slow down to idle sometimes it will run fine other times it will slow down and then stall. it always starts easy and straight away. it seems to be worse cold but happens when it is hot as well.


Could it be the IAC and if so where is this located?


I have noticed that the idle has been about 50 rpm low for a while but didn't think much of it until now.


Thanks for the help



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Welcome to the forum.


There are a few possible causes of what you've described. Can we assume that the CEL isn't lit? What model year is your car?


Here are a couple of links to info that may be helpful:




By the way, could you actually drive your OB in the "Outback"? (It seems "Madmat" and "Sydney" = Australia :) )

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Thanks guys i will check out the sites and info later.


The CEL is not on and it is a 97


i have had the joy of the headgaskets blowing as well. as we would say "Not happy Jan".


Yes i can drive the OBW in the real outback but the sad thing is i havn't done it yet. so sad. i have taken it into some serious offroad situations though and am always amased at where the OBW can go. and i used to have a hard core 4wd before the OBW so i know what hard core is.


check out this site for a 4wd comp run in the outback.





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