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toyota flatbed build...


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transfering the build over to here... yes it's been months since i have work done. but, i should be well enough and have plans set to start installing all the parts laying around during my spring break, the last 10 days of march.


the plans:... what i have and am aquiring as we speak

rebuilt 23spline 4.7 twin sticked tcase

marlin crawler doubler adapter


5.29 gears, spooled rear, aussie locker in the front

longfield 30 spline axles

chromoly rear shafts

waggy springs in the rear, mix match rears up front

removing bed, cutting frame off behind shackle mounts and making a flatbed

propane conversion

sky high steer kit

brand new 35x15.5 tsl/sx's or if i sell those, 39.5 iroks...

and many more things as time goes...



well here's some pics of the process so far. only had a couple days to work then back to arizona for a few more months...


as i got her



bed removed and lines drawn



going to town



the hack job...



prepped for the waggy rear springs...



well the rear waggy springs were installed but i didn't get pics before i left. then for the front of the lift on the next jouney home. or if i'm lucky some might get done on it's own (as a christmas present) while i'm out of state. but that's it for now. more to come in a few months...

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well here's some more updates, my dad sent some pics, he did a little work while i'm away. the back is all together, the front just needs to have the shackle mounts welded so the shackle can go on. but here's some pics with the tires on and the front sitting about where it will be with the shackles on. with the way the waggys were mounted in the rear, the wheelbase was shortened about 3 1/2 to 4 inches.






next to my dad's gmc jimmy with 38's





here's a pic with the width measurement. its going to be just under 74 inches in width.





a couple new pics of the new front springs





and yes i'll be getting shims to correct that pinion angle.


new tow hooks


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well it's looking better all the time. the rear waggy's got a spring from the stock rear springs, and a combination of waggy leafs and the old rear springs were installed up front. shackles need to be fully installed on the front springs. but otherwise, the lift is done. waiting on the ubolt flip kits from trail gear right now. the 2 inch spacers are also installed. my dad threw on his 38's to see how they fit. i definately need bigger tires... and sell these 35's i have.








one pic i overlooked and forgot to post.




well got some more pics from my dad. the springs comprise of waggy rears, and mix waggy and toy rears up front. he flexed it up a little to see how the springs do. i'm pretty darn impressed! just over 28" of flex with tires aired up and no weight on the back end! here's some pics, enjoy!






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well got my sky, billet high steer and steering box on order :cool: last big purchase till i get out of the corp or i file my taxes...







:corn: :corn: :redneck: time for some cutting!


my tires are missing!! lol.... sold!!






guess what came in the mail! finally... :cheer: :cheer:

































next to my dad's 38" tsl/sx tires....



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well i know it's been awhile since i did any considerable amount of work. but i have a planned working party at the end of march, to start installing prats that i have laying around. ie the diff gears and lockers, the steering, installing the rear v6 housing...


a few plans have changed. for example i'm selling my 23 spline dual case adapter, in favor of the 10 degree clocked adapter. when i bought my adapter there was a huge differance in price, and there was no aftermarket tcase mounts. since then the price has dropped about 250 bucks for the clocked adapter. since we are planning a flat belly, or pretty darn close, the clocked adapter will allow for less cutting of the cab's tunnel, and keep the bulk of the weight an inch and a half lower. also since i'll be going with the clocked adapter i'll be using the front range offroad tcase mount and skidplate instead of the allpoo xmember with tcase ebrake... that's the update, hopefully some new pics and progress soon...

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  • 2 weeks later...

well a small update. after a long battle with the Department of Defense and the Veteran's Administration to get my payments for college straight... it's back to work on the truck. finals week for college is next week, then i'm headed to marysville for a week and a half vacation to install the steering, the gears, lockers, cut the fenders, and install all the other odds and ends that i have laying around.


today i ordered the ifs steering box mount kit from trail gear and the billet flat pitman arm with an fj80 tie rod from sky-mfg to compliment my sky billet steering kit. so with some luck next week i might have a progress update! now that my pay is fixed i can start dumping all my extra cash flow back into the truck! and then to sell the car... this weekend i'm installing the new petroworks cv intake kit into the zuk.

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there's no weight in the rear, like a bed and the steering is disconnected... so it wanted to to steer and drive away... i'll get some real shots in the next couple months... a hydraulic car jack only lift stuff so high... wait till i get the rear 4 link and quarter elliptic installed!

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Yeah, I know, but I just have to give you crap. Soon enough, you'll be climbing over stuff, laughing as I'm winching to keep up. ;)


hopefully soon enough... :( 4 link won't be till winter at least. all i need is the dom tubing for the link arms and some material for brackets, i have just about everything else. starting wednesday i'll be junkyard hoping for the roo parts and turning wrenches on the truck for 2 weeks or till i run out of parts that i can install... more than likely a no go on reiter on the 29th... i still have to get the brake parts for the car first, then swap trannies (i have the tranny)... which i'll be looking for the brake stuff at all the northern PAP's this week...


i'll challenge you to the "outlet mall" when i get linked! lol... yeah right... i ain't touching that trail with a 10 foot pole... there's a reason it's a "buggy" trail...

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well, wednesday we got some progress done. got the frame prepped to put the hi-steer on, removed a bunch of brackets from the frame, painted the hi-steer kit... a lot more to do today. as soon as i get on a computer that i can download the pictures from my camera i'll post them up.

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got some more work done today. started the tubbing of the fenders and the setup of the hi-steer, so we can mount the steering box. the actual hi-steer arms will come back off when i get the parts to rebuild the front axles... is our stimulis checks here yet? it'll be dry enough tomorrow to get the steering box mount welded to the frame, the rear frame box welded on and probably the quick release mud flap mounts welded on. then we'll start the real fun process of sealing the fender tubbing. we will be using aluminum sheets riveted to the body instead of steel welded back in. stick welding body sheet metal is an unrealistic idea and i have a sheet of aluminum from an old skateboard ramp lying around. i'll post the pics from today tomorrow.

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yesterday, we got the rear axle housing pulled, the 3rd member pulled and started getting the V6 axle ready for installation. we have to swap over the brake lines from the old axle and re-bend them to fit. got about 1/2 the bed's rust buffed off with some metal conditioning pads and painted it with some flat black rustoleum. we also played around the steering box mount, found about where it's actually going to go. monday we have to pull the shims from the axle perches. other than that we didn't get much done.

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Nice thread thanks for sharin,


I like what you did with the front of the cab for wheel clearance, have to remember that one :)


yeah I was going to do the clearancing on the EA81... but the fuel lines and brake lines run right there. I didn't feel like rerouting them

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some pictures of what is being worked on at the moment. since everything else is being chopped and stuffed to keep the best possible center of gravity, and clearance... the winch will be no different for the approach angle. the space hogging manual fan has been scrapped and the bottom of the radiator is being moved back an inch so that the winch can be really stuffed back. the mounting of the winch is still a work in progress. but i'm pretty stoked on how the placement is working out and here is a teaser... still not sure what to do about the rad. core support, will probably just tie it through the winch plate by bolting it into it... not sure yet we will do with it. as soon as i get the electric fans installed i'll be wiring up the new cooling fans.












pwr steering pump is leaking... so i'll have to upgrade that while i'm at it. anyone know a shop that can drill a toyota steering box for hyd assist, without screwing the box up?

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Damn jared thats CLEAN!!!


I need you to come work on my truck please.


i'd come and help if you didn't live so damn far away! my dad is doing the welding, i've just been doing the cutting, fender work and rust stripping this last week. i'm still on some weight restrictions, so i can't lift anything over 40lbs. but i can't use a stick welder to save my life... dad can do the welding till i can afford to get a mig.


with luck i'll have it 4 linked and pane powered next spring and possibly a trailer by then... i'll be needing a trip south for some rocks, fordyce or rubicon... only with sheer luck though... i was kind of wondering if anyone was noticing all the recent updates with my spring break :grin:

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new box for the back of the bed will be ordered this week; as long as i don't get taken too bad by the DOT for transfering the title on my atv and suzuki tabs... it's 49" wide, so it will sit 1 inch over the forward bed mounts on either side! so it will be narrower than the cab and only like 4 inches wider than the frame rails each side, which will keep it from getting as banged up on the rocks and such.



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