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marking ea81 flywheel for ea82 usage

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i marked the flywheel of my ea81 to work on my ea82. and if you are familure with both motors, both have a hole cut in the engines bell housing to view the timing marks. the ea81 is off to the side on the passenger side. and the ea82 has a hole right on the top. probably 40-60 degrees apart. but when i marked my ea81 flywheel, it only needed to be marked 10 degrees later, than the ea81 marks. im wondering why? it seems like it would be way off, just like the timing holes, in the bell housing, but they are rightnext to eachother.


is anyone following me here? im just wondering why the timing marks are so different, but so close.

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well, between the two flywheels, the crank orientation looks to be the same

but the marks are off depending on the location of the timing window, even though the flywheel to crank orientation is the same.....

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