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Scott in Bellingham

WCSS Astoria , wheres the trails , lets do a run during that weekend

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Jason you got to go you have to see the brat it is so tall now it is ridiculous.


Go to the show it happens once a year and it is close to us for once


do it



If I come up with a winning lotto ticket I'll be there.

The Soob just decided it's time for overhaulin' on multiple components and I can either fix it. And not afford to go. or leave it home, and have the cash to show up one day.

Maybe I'll just run the Focus out there sunday to walk around.


I guess I'm just into the tinkering to keep my small solo wheeling trips going more than I'm into a big event kind of place.

Been feeling real Hermity lately. (is that a word?)

Been wheeling a ton. But been preferring it to be alone.


And the chance to go up in a small plane far out weighs Subaru's in my book at the moment.


I am still gonna try and make a day out at Sand Lake though. Wed or thurs, not quite sure yet. :)

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