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gas dripping in carb

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I have an 86 dl wagon and I am having some carb issues. When I start the car up it acts like it runs out of gas, if I tap on the carb and start it again it runs. When it warms up it runs way too rich, I can actually see gas dripping in the secondary, and it stalls out. I have rebuilt the carb and adjusted the float level many times but nothing seems to help. The carb has been messed with before so I'm not sure if I should Just get a junk yard carb and start over or if I can revive the old one. Any help is greatly appreciated.


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I had the same exact problem: carb was flooding. Unlike you I've rebuilt mine twice. Then I had to suck it up and buy a rebuilt one...

So, if your carb is a Hitachi and you've got the finances, do not waste your time. Either buy a rebuilt one or a Weber. This is kinda sad, but mostly true. Here on this board there're people who have successfullly rebuilt a carburetor, but they're few and most folks would suggest a Weber as a permanent fix to the problem.

My personal opinion, is that a really good mechanic could probably do a good rebuild, but most people can't. A sad truth.


Here're some threads you can look through:





Of course there's more out there, if you want to read some more, all you have to do is go to search (upper right button on every screen) and put in "carb*" as a keyword.

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