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Vapor Diverter Filter or Not?

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1981 Gl wagon 1.8 4wd manual. Trying to get it going. Need to replace fuel filter closest to carb. Looking online at auto parts stores, they list both one with and without the "vapor diverter". Which one do i need? Don't ask about the old one:mad:

BTW what is the purpose of a vapor diverter?

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An '81 should not have a vapor separator. As long as your fuel pump is located in the engine compartment near the driver's side wiper motor then you should have a basic inline fuel filter. There is a vapor separator in your car that is a built-in part of the stock fuel system located near the fuel filler hose.


The FSM shows the filter located right before the pump in the engine compartment, but my '81 hatch has a bracket for a filter under the car in front of the rear driver's side wheel. It doesn't have the metal plate like later models have. The bracket is just attached to the car. If you have the bracket you could run a primary and secondary, but I just use the one filter and make sure it is changed on a regular basis.

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