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heating question- 83 subaru gl

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Not that it is killing me, but my heat seems not be working all of a sudden, and i have no idea why. When i slide the lever from ac , to heat or defrost, and turn on the fan, my air conditioner will still go on, even though i have the dial turned all the way into the orange zone[which i imagine is hot, since the blue is cold] cool air will come out of the vents, but the vents on the floor seem to be blowing a little warm. Does any body have a clue[since i seem not to] why this would be happening.? a switch maybe, fuse? any ideas or suggestions would be greatly aprreciated!!

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Check your coolant level in the radiator. I've had really low coolant levels not overheat the car, but provide little or no heat to the cabin....


The A/C will come on with the defroster (it's supposed to), and the hold / cold dial does nothing other than open and close the heater core valve.....


Basically, if your heater core is working, and you have coolant, and the blower is on, then you should have heat. The hot / cold dial could be binding up, and not allowing the valve to open on the heater core - but that's unlikely if the dial moves freely.


You might have a plugged heater core...... that can be replaced, but it's not easy....



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it sounds like the selector switch isn't switching if it's still blowing out the front dash vents instead of defrost or floor.... I would start there. I've never taken a subaru dash apart to know how that switch works, My Chrysler has a push button function selector instead of a slider, and thats all vacume switched, and it's also my main source of vacume leak. :D I would imagine the slider on the subaru's probably do something simular, using vacume to control diffrent doors that open and close air flow to diffrent passages. Maybe the main vacume line for it poped off on the intake manofold side on the engine.

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