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ATTN Mike W-EA82 intake on EA81 block Q

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Hi Mike. So I have a N/A EA82 intake on the bench I am prepping to for my weber and to mount onto an ea81. I was wondering where/specifically how you relocated the barb off the thermostat housing that conflicted w/ the disty on the EA81. I have the disadvantage of the block being up at Zaps so I cant dry fit it. I had found this using the search-


"I'm the fool that put the SPFI intake on my EA81 and made the bolt-on Weber adapter plate to keep the carb level. I think it works good but I've spouted enough on that already. In retrospect I kinda wish I had gone SPFI...it just makes sense. Once you get the system working you might even be enlarge the opening in the manifold and go with a bigger throttle body. Didn't Chef Tim or someone stick a EA81 block into a SPFI Loyale? Surely someone has already done this.

The intake fits on the block like it was made to, everything lines up perfectly. I used the SPFI EGR pipe and it fits sweet with no interferance and I have a functional EGR system. The heater pipes needed to be bent a bit to clear the oil filler neck (or something over there) but it was no big deal tweeking the pipes to fit. The biggest headache was a small coolant fitting on the thermostat housing. The fitting is in the way of the disty vac advance (for a EA81 disty.) I cut off the fitting and plugged the hole in the 'stat housing. Then I installed a new barb fitting in a new location. (It's for that coolant line that runs from the stat housing to the center of the block under the intake.) Other than these little items, the SPFI intake fits right onto the EA81 block."



Sooo if you are around the hood gimme a call at 818-6048 er something... I am a little leary of capping off the existing barb, and drilling etc.. wanna do it right thanks

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Guess you weren't around so I left a voicemail. I put the new barb fitting on the 'stat housing almost where it meets the main part of the intake. So like if you are standing in front of the car looking at the engine, the new barb fitting is a couple inches rearward of where it was stock on the SPFI. I couldn't find the barb fitting at B'Lowes or the De-pot so I got it from either Aurora Plumbing or Doc Freemans. Doc Freeman's HAD the best selection I've ever seen of brass fittings and stuff like that, damn pitty they closed.

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