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type of lockers for the Rover

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So... my new toy (well, giant project right now, sticking new axles on it, and a turbodiesel engine in it), a 1967 Landrover 109 wagon. I'm trying to figure out what sort of lockers to put on it.


My situation when I'd like them is usually deep snow. Maybe occasionaly some mud or loose rocks on a hill. Not really going to do much twisty off camber stuff where it lifts a wheel or dirt road rallying (rallying is what the suby is for anyway). Whats the opinion on types -- limited slip vs ARB locker? Just the rear or front and rear (it'll have a Dana 60 equivalent in the rear so plenty strong, but stock front is not that strong). The unimogs with front and rear lockers are nice in snow, I know... but is that overkill. Wait... I'm buying a safari landrover... forget not going overkill :lol: Cost is somewhat an concern, but this is my project/toy so I am willing to wait and spend a bit to get what I want (just spent $1200 on the engine....)

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