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2001 OBW interchanges? Starter & trans mount (5MT)

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I have a couple of interchange questions pertaining to the 2001 OBW I'm fixing up to sell... I need a starter and a transmission mount and would like to find the least expensive compatible parts.


The car came with a transmission for a XXXXXX, transmission code XXXXXX.. (will update this later but it was from another Legacy according to the list below.

I installed a 5MT for a 98 2.5RS, transmission code TY752V2DAA.


The starter that came on the car works but has a broken bottom mounting ear. I'd like to put in a good starter and I'm not sure what will fit the transmission in the car with regard to syncing with the flywheel at the proper depth.

I'd imagine the flywheel is original to the 2001 OBW but I don't know.


I'm also interested in replacing the transmission mount before i sell it because it's really soggy (300,000 miles on the car, go figure!) and the previous owner mentioned that he was tired of the axles wearing out. The mount that came with the car fits on the bottom of either of the above transmissions just fine. What are my options for replacing or upgrading the transmission mount? Does it depend on how it attaches to the crossmember?




(This is a list of hydraulic clutch 4.11 ratio 5MTs that I was working off of:)

5MT Transmission (Push Clutch)

93 Impreza _____________TY752VX3AA

94 Impreza _____________TY752VX3CA

98 Impreza 2.5RS ________TY752V2DAA

99-01 Impreza 2.5RS _____TY754VCAAB

02-03 Impreza 2.5RS _____TY754VFBBA

04 Impreza RS ___________TY754VC4CA

97-98 Forester __________TY753VJ1AA

99 Forester _____________TY755VC1AA

00-01 Forester __________TY755VC1BA

02 Forester _____________TY755VC2AA

03 Forester ____________ TY755VC3AA

04 Forester (NA) ________ TY755VC4AA

94 Legacy OB ___________TY752VAAAA

95-96 Legacy OB ________TY752VABBA

97 Legacy GT __________ TY752VACBA

97 Legacy OB ___________TY752VACCA

98 Legacy GT ___________TY752V2DAA

98 Legacy OB __________ TY752V2DCA

99 Legacy GT ___________TY754VCAAB

99 Legacy OB ___________TY754VCACB

00 Legacy OB ___________TY754VCACA

00 Legacy GT __________ TY754VCADA

01-02 Legacy GT ________TY754VCBDA

03-04 Legacy L _________ TY754VCDAA

03-04 Legacy GT ________TY754VCDDA

03-04 Legacy OB / Baja ___TY754VCDCA

05 Legacy / Baja _________TY757VCACA

05 Legacy OB ___________ TY757VWAAB

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I would think with the trans mounts you have a pretty wide selection..Im 99% sure the trans mount on my 96 legacy will bolt right into my 02 WRX...So Im going to say you can prob use anything from like 95-03 at least...(manual trans only obviously)....Im sure others will chime in...

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