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Removing truck fenders that aren't bolted on?

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So a friend buggered up his fender on a 2001 Chevy truck...the same thing as a Z71, without the Z71 package, whatever that's called.


So i thought, hey Subaru fenders are easy, surely a truck fender is simple. What the crack, it's like welded in place? I found it quite odd for an off road, 4x4, work truck, kind of vehicle. Which would you want more repairable - a vehicle grandma runs to the grocery store with or that?


How do you remove those jokers? Are they easily replaceable?

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when you damage a fender, they assume you will buy a new one, not fix it. is it totaled?
hhmmm, good point. :lol:


yeah, it's totalled, way gone, one small dent in the fender. definitely time for a new "work" or "heavy duty" or "off road" or "hard core" "full size" truck. :lol::lol:

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