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We have a 2001 Forester.


Can anyone recco a good dealer service department in the Seattle/Bellevue area? Thinking of taking it to Chaplins. Looking to get the 30k done soon?


Also while we are on the Forester topic can anyone point me to some good sites on Forester mods and also recco a good all season tire?


Thanks in advance for the help



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I purchased my first new car from Carter Subaru in 1983. Here is a link to them. Jamie Thomas ( Subiegal) is one of the regulars on this board and works there. She races also. She can get you parts at a discount if you need something.




As far as tires go I would shop at Costco and see if you could get some Michliens or Bridgestones. They have good prices and a great warranty.

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If you're lookin to get your 30k done for a bit of a lower price, I HIGHLY recommend Smart Service in Shoreline/Montlake Terrace. Its right off of I-5. Many of the board members take their cars there and I have taken mine there for 6 years (when there was only the owner there!) Danbob from this board works there too. I think that its still the case that if you get a major service done there (like 30k) that he will hook you up with a rental car. (Most dealerships will not do this unless you purchased your car from there)

But if you insist on dealerships... I've taken my car to most seattle/south/east side dealerships and out of em all.. I would go back to Chaplains.. They get the job done and even went the extra mile and put in a replacement clutch for me...when i had originally taken it in for a check engine light (some other misc thing)

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