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  1. Were you still interested in an EA81T engine?

  2. SoobGoob

    Ea81 head interchangeably

    Oh and this brat is completely rust free, even the bed still had all of the factory paint
  3. SoobGoob

    Ea81 head interchangeably

    There is a good chance he has the year wrong, it is definitely a turbo. I looked it over it has the correct mirrors, trim, engine, etc. I do have the mechanical knowledge to do the work required (thanks Rick). If the heads are cracked can they be repaired? Also what is the likelihood they are cracked? Same as every other Subaru? I know these early turbos have a unfortunate disposition. Oh and they didn’t specify the condition of the head, it was a son talking for his father who had bought it but then couldn’t find a head. So it may be a head gasket or a bad head.
  4. SoobGoob

    Ea81 head interchangeably

    Patiently waiting for @GeneralDisorder to fill me in.
  5. Hey everyone, long tim since I posted on here, maybe 10 years. Glad to see this forum is still around and hopefully not full of all the kids that used to own civics that switched to Subaru’s. The reason for today’s visit is that while pulling parts for my brothers truck I happened across 3 brats on a farm property, 2 standard 4wd ea81’s with a topper mostly in good condition. But inside the old auto shop next to the paint booth for the last 20 years sat a dusty but clean and straight 1986 turbo brat with 82k on the clock. Parked due to a bad head. I have the right of first refusal at a good price but wondering if the turbo heads are different from the na engines? I know these cars aren’t the pinnacle of reliability but Ive always wanted a brat (not an auto though) anyway. That’s my question! and for those who skip to the end. 1. can I use na ea81 heads on a ea81t motor? 2. if not, who has a set they would sell me?
  6. I read online on some compiled brake info the gt rear brakes are larger than my rear brakes? Is this not true? Like I stated it is a forester s so it does have disc. Thanks numbchux
  7. Sorry idosubaru I didn’t have the year when I posted. I do now, it is a 98 Gt limited. From what I’ve read the front brakes are the same but the rears are larger. I’m mainly looking for upgrade parts.
  8. hey all, been a long time living in the toyota world. recently purchased a 2001 forester s for commuting. also recently my friends 2nd gen legacy gt got hit by a drunk driver and is destined to the scrapper. he gave me the go ahead to swap whatever i feel i want. obviously the gt wheels are the first grab, beyond that im not sure what else will fit. so thats what im wondering, if anything else between the 2 platforms will bolt on? hopefully the larger rotors and calipers? cheers
  9. Update: got under it today armed with some soapy water and found one small exhaust leak at the bottom of the uppipe. I'm going to replace all of the exhaust gaskets on the front. Took off the intercooler visually inspected for any leaks and made sure everything was tight at reinstall. Cleaned the iac and the throttle body. Found a digital boost controller under the dash, hooked back up, found turbo timer and hooked back up but car won't stay running after I turn it off. Found TD04 turbo from wrx. Found greddy fuel management system with "active" light lit. Going to get all the manuals for these items before I fudge with it. I'll keep you updated after I replace the exhaust gaskets. Would even a small exhaust leak make a difference? Also noticed on the boost gauge that I never boost over 7-8 psi
  10. Happy holidays guys. Haven't had a chance to check much with Christmas and such. Will take a look tomorrow and see what I can find. Wtdash as for the hesitation issue it's definitely not turbo lag. It's more like I have a leak somewhere causing positive air to escape and high pressure. I would describe it as a "shudder" during positive pressure/High revs/acceleration. Also noticed a popping sound when I let of the gas at higher revs, so I'm thinking it's either running rich (can smell unburnt petrol) or exhaust gaskets are bad on the heads. Thoughts?
  11. Oh also, yes the CEL comes on at bulb check. But not after engine is started
  12. In going to test for vacuum leaks soon. Is maf cleaner sprayed around the engine looking for revs still the way to go on a turbo engine? I will also check the piping this afternoon for any leak, should I use the same method or do a visual inspection/make sure everything is tight? This engine has a coil pack not coil on plug. I am also experiencing pretty poor fuel economy, I haven't done the math yet but it seems that way. As for driving on the other side of the road, holy crap. I always thought to myself "I can drive a RHD car on the left, easy. But when you find yourself coming to an intersection and you know it's just reverse of how it usually is, it can still throw you for a loop. Plus the wipers and turn signal stalks are swapped so I find myself turning on the wipers a lot instead of the signals hahaha. Checking for your blind spot is weird. Overall, it's all weird. Like learning how to drive all over again.
  13. Sorry there wasn't supposed to be a comma. No cel, no codes being thrown. It has roughly 160k
  14. Hey all! Been a long time since I've been on ultimate subaru! Fell in love with my 4Runner years ago and until yesterday didn't own another subaru. So long story short is I am from Portland Oregon but currently living in Melbourne. I purchased a used 1999 forester gt with a ej20t in it. The car overall is in decent shape, runs alright except for 2 things. Sometimes it idles low and a little rough. Usually after speeds of 100k/hr. Which lead me to believe the maf. So I took the pod filter off and refitted the stock air box with a new filter and cleaned the maf. Not much changed but at least it's not pulling in hot engine air anymore. The other symptom is when I'm accelerating a little hard and the turbo starts to go positive, it's not a smooth acceleration. There's a little bit of a "hesitation" or "chug" I'm not quite sure how to describe it. I'm not very familiar with turbo engines, the only I've owned until now being the legacy sport sedan general disorder now owns. But I never drove it lol. Gotta love projects. If there's any regular servicing of the turbo system I should do immideatly that would also be handy info. Thanks all! Glad to be back