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  1. I need you to send me the LSD differential I paid for 6-12-14 through PayPal or I need you to send me a full refund for $250.00. Please respond by 8-15-14 or I'll have to take legal action.

  2. Where's my LSD?

  3. I was given this little hatch after it had been stripped and almost ran in a demolition derby. I need help with figuring out how to wire this thing the easiest way possible. Bare minimum, only the essentials to make it run. I think i understand most of what i need to do, but i need make sure i'm not missing something. Everything has been stripped out of it including wiring. I know i have to provide power to the coil, the fan, the fuel pump and the starter solenoid. here are some questions i have. Feel free to add anything you think my be useful in making this work. * Can i just run a hot wire to the + side of the coil and ground the negative side to the block as well as connecting the distributor to the coil? I will be putting a switch on the hot wire from the battery to the coil so i can cut power as needed. * I just need to provide power to the starter solenoid through a momentary switch to make it turn over right? * What do i need to do to get the alternator to work? I haven't even looked at it really to figure it out. I am going to go look at that next. i have the fuel pump and fan figured out. I can't think of anything i missed, but i am sure there is something. I am running low on time, I have to get this running by tomorrow, so any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  4. Thanks for the word back. Yep, still interested.


    Thanks again,


  5. I will call you tomorrow to give you this same information. You are second in line for this car. My brother is wanting to get $400 for it. Let me know here if you are still interested, or i will talk to you on the phone about it.

  6. I'm in Idaho Falls, and could pick up the '76 any evening this week. Please let me know:

    (208) 522-4696





  7. harpua

    RC Offroad

    I think the new axial is going to very capable and pretty affordable for a motor on axle rig. I can't wait to get one I am doing pretty good. I deal with more pain than i thought i would, but i still can get out and play as hard as anyone...almost. How about you? life good?
  8. I haven't worked anything out with my brother yet. I am going to try to get it from him as cheap as i can to keep the price low.

  9. harpua

    RC Offroad

    I don't have many pics of mine, but here is a vid It is based on a HPI Wheely King. Lot's of custom work done to it. This thing does awesome. By far the funnest toy i have owned. Next on the list of mods is to re-do the weights in the tires and to redesign the motor placement in relation to the tranny and make a new chassis. Everything is way to tall right now. I also just got my boy a mini Losi crawler. Maybe we will go get some pics today of the both of them. Anyone excited about the new Axial? I think that thing is amazing http://www.axialracing.com/ftp/xr10/new/main.html
  10. how much for the soobie

  11. Thanks for the replies. I have been busy for the last couple of days, and finally got to tinker on the RX. I changed the filter. The old one drained out some pretty nasty, rusty looking fuel. I know the tank is pushing clean fuel into the fuel pump as i checked that when swapping in the new fuel pump. I went for a drive with the new filter and had the same result. Runs great before it warms up, but when it gets to running temp, she starts having issues. The new filter helps it run just a bit better. Didn't fix the problem. So what other ideas do you kids have? It isn't a clogged cat because i gutted that thing long ago. What tells the fuel pump how much fuel to pump and when to pump it? The ECU? I get the hunch that whatever controls the fuel pump is at fault somehow.
  12. So here is a recent back story of what the RX has been through. About 2 years ago i was letting my little sister use my car to get around. She dodged a dog and ended up ripping the front passenger wheel off and breaking a few bits. I finally got around to fixing it up these last few weeks. Got the wheel/brake/axle issues sorted out and went to fire her up.....nothing. She would turn over fine and dandy, but no fire. I couldn't hear my fuel pump coming on, so i pulled it and found out it was dead. Got a new one installed and it fired up pretty quick. I took it out for a quick drive and it did fine(1 mile). The next day i drove it to town and filled up the gas(2 miles). I drove it around town and then picked up my buddy(2 miles). Drove up the canyon a bit (2 miles) and she started acting up. The first thing i noticed was the fuel pump making a whirring noise that would speed up and slow down a bit at idle. When trying to accelerate, the car would give out and start bucking at between 2500 and 3500 rpm. I could shift up and get power back if i did it just right, but speed would max out at about 40 mph using all my gears (yea, i had to limp it home) :note: car ran good for 7 miles warmed up before issue. I figured i got a junk fuel pump and brought it back to the parts house in exchange for another fuel pump. Put in the new pump. drove it for roughly 5 miles after i warmed it up only to get the same result. Anyone got a suggestion?
  13. harpua

    The Rubicon.

    I own a copy of that footage. They were there for sure. I think i have the ability to copy it if it is ok with Zap.
  14. Actually no...I have thought of that derby every single day since i drove in it. Now along with subie radar, i have a full size jeep radar going too. I have started learning everything there is to know about the big jeeps, and i think it has come to a point of obsession that is not healthy...but thats what boys do for fun right? I just can't wait to do it again. Change the things that didn't work well, use the strategies that presented themselves during the derby. I honestly don't know why demo derby isn't illegal yet...it is just that much fun. Someday i want to derby a Yota...i wonder if they would let such a little truck in with the full size guys. I know that one would do well...very well.
  15. here is a low quality vid of most of the derby