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  1. tedbull

    Walker Valley Run

    This Saturday, March 2nd. Walker Valley Run. Meet in dirt lot. Head up at 9:00am. Not planning on anything too difficult. https://www.facebook.com/events/618771075239784/?ti=as
  2. tedbull

    Walker Valley Run

    We are way over due for a Walker valley run. Let's get something planned. How about a Saturday in March?
  3. tedbull

    Walker Valley weekend after thanksgiving?

  4. Anybody up for a trail run at Walker the friday, saturday, or sunday after Thanksgiving?
  5. tedbull

    NWWO Walker Valley ORV Holiday Run Report

    That was a fun day. I thought Lower Mainline was pretty intense. Once my clutch cooled down after it smoked pretty good I didn't notice any more slippage but I could smell it a little. It seems to have some life left and I think I can get one more trip out of it. I will be ordering the Exedy clutch kit. I have had my flywheel surfaced once already, hope It has enough material for another. And at the same time I am going to pull my transaxle and replace the bearing that is making noise. So I may be out for a while. I did not get many pics or video, and what I did get was on my cell phone and rushed and I didn't have time to setup
  6. tedbull

    NWWO Walker Valley Holiday Run Dec. 27th

    See you guys in the morning.
  7. tedbull

    NWWO Walker Valley Holiday Run Dec. 27th

    I am planning on it. I talked to Reid, sounds like he is going too.
  8. tedbull

    Tube Bumpers (Solid Works)

    Thank you. That is what I needed. I like that square tube bumper.
  9. tedbull

    Tube Bumpers (Solid Works)

    I am up for a trip to Reiter. I was talking with my buddy "crash" who has helped get Reiter back open and it sounds like there is limited trails that are basically "groomed" with some man made features here and there. I guess they are pretty gnarly, meant for full on rock crawlers. Worth checking out though. I miss Reiter. I also hear great things about Elby, Green mountain, and Naches.
  10. tedbull

    Tube Bumpers (Solid Works)

    I Have Had The Front Bumper Off A Couple Of Times and never had an issue. Now that it is lifted and the sub frame dropped the motor is in the way. I dropped one socket in the tube frame already. I will find a way. I can't fab the bumpers on the rig, I don't have a welder or a band saw at home. But I have everything a guy could need at work. And I get material for scrap rate from work. So I guess I was in a hurry, tired, or just distracted when I tried to pull the front bumper this last time. I was looking too far back and going for the large holes in the frame rail, like the rear bumper. But I just looked just now and see the small 14mm bolts up front.
  11. tedbull

    Tube Bumpers (Solid Works)

    The time spent typing my comment was done at work. Back bumper sure, simple. My front bumper not so much. Since I dropped the cross member the valve covers are right in the way of pulling the bolts. Not even two universals would get me in there. Going to have to drop the cross member, or lift the motor off the cross member. Anyways, haven't had the time to pull the bumpers Since I work long days. But I do have time while at work to fabricate. Figured somebody had a drawing or sketch they could shoot me.
  12. tedbull

    Tube Bumpers (Solid Works)

    Does not have to be solid works. Can be any kind of sketch or diagram. I realy just need the measurements of the mounting brackets. No time to pull my bumpers to measure. If I can get the measurements I can start fabricating bumpers at work.
  13. tedbull

    Tube Bumpers (Solid Works)

    I want to build some box tube bumpers for the 90 loyale. I can't seem to find the time to pull the stock bumpers and take measurements. Anybody happen to have a solid works drawing for a pair of front and rear off road box tube bumpers?
  14. tedbull

    Walker Valley Fall Trail Run.

    I had a great time. It was good to meet all of you. Thank you to Bryan for running down the trails and taking video. Can't wait to see it. Already itching for the next run.
  15. tedbull

    Walker Valley Fall Trail Run.

    Jeff posted on facebook. Meet up tomorrow morning, 10:00am at Joeann fabrics in Mt vernon. See you guys there. Ted.